Valentines Day With NE Offers

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If you’ve landed here after searching the internet rapidly to find your partner the perfect Valentines gift, welcome! If you’re a regular Fashion North reader, welcome back.

If, like us, you’re a bit fed up of buying overpriced chocolate, tacky bears and paying double-digits for a bouquet of flowers – look no further, because our friends over at NE Offers have a solution.

The NE Offers website is offering a truly personal Valentines canvas with almost 50% off of its original price.

The canvas can be personalised with both your names, important dates, a personal message or meaningful information such as holiday locations or children’s names. Find it here.

Not only is it a great deal, but it’s thoughtful too (we won’t tell anybody that we gave you the idea, don’t worry!)

The canvas is priced at £28 including postage & packaging – but guess what? Our lovely Fashion North readers (that’s you lot!) get an extra 10% off their purchase at the checkout, by simply entering ‘fashionnorth.’ We do treat you well, don’t we?

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If you’re feeling extra generous after you’ve bought the canvas, why not pop another offer in your basket and grab the “Two courses for Two for £9.99” deal at La Vita Newcastle? Its found here. It saves you cooking and it’s a pretty good excuse to get dressed up!

Remember to get your extra 10% off any of the NE Offers deals by entering ‘fashionnorth’ at the checkout. We can’t wait to see what you’ve bought!

And for those who won’t be celebrating Valentines day, don’t worry Pancake day is a few weeks later!

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