The Singleton’s Survival Guide To Valentine’s Day

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That dreaded time of year is fast approaching. The day that reminds us singletons that well…we’re single.

Valentine’s Day, there’s no escaping it; the cards are in the shops, the red roses are lining the florists and of course, underwear shops are becoming slightly inappropriate.

But just because you don’t have a partner, doesn’t mean you have to dwell on this day wondering when your Prince Charming or Princess Fiona will whisk you off your feet… no no, Fashion North are here to help.

We’ve created a gift guide for all you singletons, a list of things that you can spoil YOURSELF with. Something to add a little bit of cheer to that dreaded day.

First up, if you plan on spending Valentine’s day with your close friends, then why not treat yourself and them?


These cute friendship bracelets from Marc by Marc Jacobs are the perfect gift to treat yourself and your best one. At £40 they’re at the top of our budget scale, but are definitely an investment piece that can go with anything! They also come in a range of colours, find them here.

If you’re after something less expensive and one that you may not buy on a regular basis, then why not treat yourself to a new MAC lipstick?

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Pick a shade that you wouldn’t always go for, be daring and treat yourself to a new look! Here at Fashion North HQ, we can’t get enough of MAC and believe us, £15 is a bargain as these lipsticks last a lifetime! Find them online or at Fenwicks store, Newcastle.

If pampering is more your thing then Soap and Glory offer a huge range of different products. From face scrubs to moisturisers, there’s everything you need for a perfect pamper night in.

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This is one of our personal favourites, The Daily Soothe. Find it in your local Boots store in the North East or online for £8.00. Also, take a look at our pamper yourself guide for the best beauty products to treat yourself this Valentine’s.

If you’re going for the night in option and avoiding loved up couples at all costs, then why not try a chocolate pizza.

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Get all of your single friends round stick a good chick-flick on and share this chocoholics dream. For just £15, you and your friends can enjoy a fun night in by eating away all your feelings…our favourite kind of night!

The perfect place for you and your friends is The Serenity Spa at Seaham Hall, County Durham. They offer a range of treatments, from body massages to facials and pedicures.

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The one that caught our eye is the Twilight Spa offer, £40. Giving you access to spa facilities between 6pm and 10pm and a two course meal in the Thai-inspired Ozone restaurant, it’s the perfect opportunity to relax for the night and once again, avoid those cringeworthy couples. You can also purchase gift vouchers online, so get your friends in on this and enjoy a cocktail or two in the outdoor hot tubs – perfect!

Since you haven’t had to spend a fortune on your partner, you can easily justify spending that money on yourself! Treat yourself on a trip to the salon, we suggest a manicure to brighten up your mood.


Make yourself feel special by getting your nails done, you’ll feel great afterwards. The North East is spoilt for choice when it comes to beauty salons, you can find a selection here. We love The Butterfly House in Seaham, who have a fantastic range of colours, styles and technicians to decorate your nails. Visit their Facebook page here.

Finally, if your not on a date at the cinema this Valentine’s Day then why not indulge in some wishful thinking? Whether your perfect man is George Clooney, Ryan Gosling or Bradley Cooper you can always spend the night in with your favourite men in a movie marathon!


Treat yourself to an endless session of eye candy with these DVDs and your ideal Valentine’s date is just a play button away. All the films above are available from

If this hasn’t helped you out, then theres only one other thing to suggest. Gather your closest friends, put on your best dress and ‘paint the town red’ as that awful expression goes.

In other words, enjoy yourself, because next year you might be in one of the those ‘all-over-eachother-in-a-supermarket’ relationships…eek!

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