George @ ASDA Takes On Chanel In Stylish Supermarket Sweep

Image Copyright Ben Pruchnie 2014

Chanel went above and beyond on Tuesday to transform the Grand Palais into a shopping centre of high fashion and haute couture. They created a playground of something so ordinary into something so chic.

Now, our very own supermarket chain, ASDA took it into their hands to recreate this showcasing their latest George @ ASDA collection, where an entire outfit will probably cost less than Rihanna’s shoes when she attended the Chanel Supermarket.

Image Copyright Ben Pruchnie 2014

It was like a really upmarket version of supermarket sweep in which we saw ASDA take on Karl Lagerfeld’s show at the Royal North, North West London Branch.

The trolley dollies showed us George’s take on the tweed print dress and at a price of just £14, it is a million times cheaper than the Chanel version.

Image Copyright Ben Pruchnie 2014

Helen Low, head of design for George @ ASDA said: “If Chanel can do it, so can George. After all, we bring the latest trends straight from the catwalk to our customers ever single day at the fraction of the designer price tag.”

We saw George’s very own oversized coats, accessories and their take on the shift dress strut past the hot food counter and pass over their roll back deals over to the cashier – it weirdly worked.

We actually prefer the ASDA looks to Chanel, something we NEVER thought we’d hear ourselves say.

Who knows, now when we go to ASDA we’ll feel just like Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner or Joan Smalls, forever stylishly picking up our deals and smart price products.

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