Dalton Park’s Welly Walk Is A Success

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Last month, Dalton Park in Murton, County Durham, held their first official ‘Welly Walk.’

The walkers were encouraged to register for the event and raise money for the charity that would go towards the services of families with seriously ill children.

“The idea has been floating around for a few years,” said Dalton Park representative Louise Thompson. “We often run advertising campaigns on our outdoor-wear sector at Dalton Park because we have quite a strong line up in this area.

“We had a meeting with The Sick Children’s Trust last year and we decided we wanted to do something fun that all the family could be involved in. February was a good time for us both – the outdoor wear campaign is now well established and, of course, there is the half term break in February.”

They urged the walkers to come out in their most fabulous pair of wellies to walk the 1.5km route along the Falcon Trail, which crossed through the wetlands of Dalton Park and the West Pond, eventually heading to the high meadows. Here at Fashion North we loved the mix of fundraising with a fashionista twist!

Super stylish walkers definitely decorated Dalton Park with their patterns and prints at welly decorating. There was also welly wanging competitions for all to join in. When the walk was over everyone received a goody bag, metal and certificate.

“Dalton Park’s Welly Walk is a great way to have fun while raising money for a charity which provides essential support to families with sick children,” says Campaign and Appeals Manager Caroline O’Doherty.

“We encourage participants to tramp and splash their way around the trail, knowing each step they take is helping us support around 3,500 families in desperate need of a comfortable place to stay by their child’s bedside.”

They hope to continue the Welly Walk and raise even more than they did this year at next year’s Welly Walk. We can’t wait to see what it brings. Get out and buy some wellies. Stat!

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