Pins Petals Powder: Behind The Make-Up

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Hair pins, lipstick, eyeshadows and an imagination filled with flowery goodness – Victoria Forshaw, a North East beauty artist, spoke to FN about her career in magazine ready make-up, floristry and bridal looks.

Victoria’s journey began at Glasgow School of Arts. Graduating in 1999 with a degree in Textile Design, she started a career in visual merchandising and window dressing.

Victoria also ventured into floristry for what started as a hobby but quickly evolved: “I’ve always been artistic and enthusiastic about everything creative with my degree in textile design and a professional background in window dressing and floristry. I suppose there was always a natural progression towards makeup and hairdressing too.”

Victoria’s business is now independent and she can boast about working with prestigious North East magazines such as Luxe and Loved Up.

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Pins Petals Powder speaks for itself as it combines hairdressing, floritstry and make-up. She said: “I combine my skills in makeup artistry, hairdressing and floristry in order to create the whole look with balance, proportion and harmony.”

Pins Petals Powder also specialises heavily in bridal make-up, “I have been doing bridal make-up for 3 years, I have found that working with a bride and her bridal party on her wedding day is one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever done.”

“I get so excited researching every look – for me it is achieving a look that is beautiful, enhancing and balanced for the client – that is the most rewarding.”

As Pins Petals Powder creates such unique looks, we had to ask just where the inspiration comes from: “I find inspiration everywhere, particularly from the seasons, flowers of course for colour and texture.

“I love to see other artists at work – you can learn so much, I can be a bit of a geek. I like to know how something is achieved, sketchbooks, behind the scenes videos, workshops are all places that interest me.”


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Looking at Victoria’s range of make-up looks she has created, from bold lips to natural looks, we asked if she has a preference to the style of make-up she does and how she approaches each different client: “My work is very varied and that is part of the attraction – I am constantly being challenged, every make-up and every face is different – I enjoy it all.

“No two clients or make-ups are ever the same, there are of course similar steps but every person is assessed individually.”

As we stare endlessly at the gorgeous floral headbands and inspiring make-up looks, the budding question was, what does the future hold for Pins Petal Powder?

“I have just stepped into the world of You Tube with my first mini series creating the whole look with more looks and videos in the pipeline.”

For more information about Victoria and Pins Petals Powder, please visit the website here.

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