My Collection Of…Fashion Books

Part of my collection of fashion books.
Part of my collection of fashion books.
Books on the darker side to fashion – Alexander McQueen and Fetishism.
Books on British fashion - Vivienne Westwood, the history of Punk, Anglomania: a book on the exhibition at NY Metropolitan Museum of Art on British fashion history and Isabella Blow, a fashion collector and the woman responsible for discovering Alexander McQueen.
A few books on some of the subculture I am interested in.
My fashion bibles, Grace Coddington’s memoirs, British fashion designers and several A-Z on fashion and men's fashion.
In total, I have just over 100 books on all things fashion.

My obsession with books is well known. But my obsession with fashion is more so, especially when you combine books on fashion.

I can’t pin point the first one I ever bought – but its more likely to be the V&A one, on Vivienne Westwood.

I have just over 100 books on fashion, its history, subcultures, mens fashion and the slightly more editorial.

I’m not one for putting books on a Kindle or iPad, it just feels wrong not being able to feel its weight or the texture of the pages. I am a bookworm or a bibliophile if you want the correct term and proud of it.

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