Pharrell’s New Girl

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Comme des Garçons and the Happy singer – Pharrell Williams are joining forces for a new fragrance due out this Autumn.

Pharrell Williams the man responsible for adding the soundtrack to Despicable Me, the man that’s up all night to get some (he’s up all night to get lucky) and now the man that’s adding a new fragrance to our shelves this September.

The Japanese fashion label Comme des Garçons, which is French for ‘like boys’ is headed by Rei Kawakubo, are giving Pharrell the floor to create his first ever fragrance.

The new scent will go by the name of ‘Girl’, the same name as the singer’s latest album. The fragrance will be available for both sexes, but it appears this is something the singer has had in his mind for a while. Adrian Joffe, CEO of Comme des Garçons Parfums SA in conversation with Australian Vogue said, “Pharrell knew exactly what he wanted the perfume to smell like right from the beginning”.

This is the first time in Comme des Garçons history that they have teamed with a person from the pop music world. Pharrell is said to be “honoured” and “will cherish the education that I’ve experienced in this collaboration.”

Pharrell added: “as one of my favourite designers once said, ‘Comme des Garçons is your favourite designers’ favourite designer…the top of the top, the best of the best”.

If that last statement is anything to go by then this fragrance collaboration is going to be one Girl we’ll be going back to time and time again.

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