My Relationship With…Coats


It used to be an annual thing. Come October, or sometimes November if I was feeling daring enough, I’d get a new coat to replace the one from last year.

But, as I grew older, my relationship with outerwear developed into something more complex, something far more intense than I had ever expected.

It’s no longer a yearly thing. In fact, it’s now sort of a monthly thing, and has been for the past year, so it’s strange to think about the times when I used to get a new Winter coat every couple of years.

My mother always scolded me when I clamoured for the adorable navy wool double breasted coat with the luxuriously soft faux fur collar. “What’s the point?” she’d screech.

“Trends come and go, but anoraks last forever.” In fact, to this very day, she continues to scold me, and still tries to make me wear that navy Regatta anorak I’ve had since Year Seven.

But why would I choose that raincoat over the 21 other coats that I currently own? Two have hoods, but only one is actually waterproof. Then there are a couple of boyfriend coats, with my favourites being a Topshop one – black with dropped shoulders – and the other’s from ASOS with a checked pattern.


There are also a handful of military, bikers and colourful styles among the group, namely a candyfloss pink one. And, of course, the old but much-beloved double breasted burgundy coat with the faux fur collar. Coats are very much my life.

Wool’s my favourite, I’m extremely partial to faux fur, and I love a boyfriend cut but, at the end of the day, if it’s a form of outerwear that has sleeves, some kind of fastening and pockets, I’ll probably go for it.

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