Kemmy’s World, Make-Up Heaven


Think HD brows, think henna tattoos, think bridal make-up, think eyelash extensions and you have Kemmy.

An endearing boudoir decorated in blacks, whites and reds. Entering the studio, you become instantly fixated. Kemmy, has owned her own studio for 2 years. After moving up from London she wanted to create something a little different.

She said: “I’ve always liked the idea of having a studio that is my area, I’ve been doing make-up for 15 years. In this area I do things like make-up trials for weddings, make-up lessons, makeovers and I’m also a HD brow stylist. I also offer another treatment for eyelashes that’s called LVL.”

“When someone sits in the chair, I want them to feel like they’re the VIP or the celebrity or the star of the show.”

After working at MAC Cosmetics in London, Kemmy wanted to create a place where she and her clients can take their time and enjoy their make-up experience.

“There you’ve got other people wanting you to serve them and you can’t give your client your full attention, so the idea came up of having an actual studio where it’s not crossing over with any other service.”

“When you come in here, it’s your time for the full hour and a half. I don’t have to keep stopping and starting and it’s nice and private so if anybody’s a little bit conscious about getting their make-up done, they can relax here.”

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Relaxing is definitely a key point as clients can arrive and sink into the comfy black leather sofa. FN couldn’t help but admire the huge wall mirror decorated in lights, the kind of thing that you think exists in films and designer make-up studios. If the movie style mirror wasn’t enough, the table underneath covered in make-up and make-up brushes was enough to catch anyone’s eye. Make-up heaven!

The mirror is also one of Kemmy’s favourite aspects of the studio, “I’ve always liked the idea of having a studio, I’ve done work backstage, so I’ve done the fashion events, photographic work, TV work and I think it’s a nice special treatment to sit down and get your make-up done.

“I’ve worked in peoples houses for weddings and things or for people who just enjoy going out. I’ll do their make up or sometimes clients used to come to my house, but I just wanted to create something a bit more special.

“The idea of the studio is that it almost looks like its your own make-up room. It’s got the lights and the big mirror at the back. When someone sits in the chair, I want them to feel like they’re the VIP or the celebrity, the star of the show.”

So why Newcastle? When London is such a bustling place filled with make-up lovers, why did Kemmy choose to open her unique boudoir in Newcastle?


“It’s a nice niche in Newcastle and there’s not a lot of places like this in the North East and I thought there are a lot of things like this down South.

“I’ve worked with a couple of other make-up artists that used to send me out on other jobs but they had their own little studio set up and I just thought it was so lovely and would love to own something like this and when I moved up here I thought right, I need to do it.”

The studio isn’t just a place to have your make-up done. Kemmy also gives you the chance to play with the products: “I also stock a make up range here, so when I do my make-up clinics, I let the clients play with the make-up range.

“I’m really into doing HD brows that at the minute, its really taken off, in the future I might specialise a little bit more in that. HD brows itself are bringing out a make up range soon, so I’m looking into maybe stocking the make up range.”

Whatever Kemmy decides to do, we’re excited and will definitely be returning for a HD brow treatment!

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