Falling In Love: Him Or His Fashion Sense?

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What makes you fall in love? Maybe it’s a wicked sense of humour? Or a caring personality? Or could it even be his fashion sense?

In a survey conducted by dating site, mysinglefriend.com 71% of people said that a good fashion sense is important, showing that it matters more to us then we care to admit.

Style is a way of expressing who we are, and many people can tell someone’s personality by the way they dress, so when trying to make a first impression what you’re wearing really matters.

A spokeswoman for mysinglefriend.com said: “In the initial stages of dating someone, it is important that there is an initial attraction there, and fashion and looks play an important role here.

“It is always good to get yourself dressed up when meeting someone for the first time. Not only does it show that you have made an effort to impress, it will also shine through to your personality”

We’ve all been there looked across a dark nightclub to see a guy in a well fitted suit or a shirt that is bang on trend and instantly thought that he was better looking simply based on what he was wearing. Or even the opposite declined a date with a perfectly nice guy just because he looked like he got dressed in the dark.

Student Victoria Bainbridge, 21, from Durham knows that situation all too well telling us: “I went on a night out and met this guy, he was so nice and really fit. But after we spoke for a while, I noticed his clothing, he was wearing baggy jeans and flossy’s I couldn’t stop cringing.

“After he bought me a drink he then asked for my number, which I had to say no! I just couldn’t see past the Flossy’s!”


Of all the people we asked the biggest turn off was a bad pair of shoes.

Ashleigh Davies, a comedian from South Shields told us: “I can’t explain why but it makes me feel ill to see someone in the wrong shoes for an outfit or ones that are 12 years out of fashion.”

Let’s face it, when we look at our ultimate man crushes such as David Beckham, Jonny Depp and Harry Styles they all have one thing in common a fabulous taste in style. Whether they wear a sexy suit or rock the skinny jeans with confidence, their fashion forward ways only add to their delicious charm.

We all want a partner that we can show off to our friends, and a key part of this is how they dress. Although many people think looking at fashion in a relationship is shallow but the estimated £26bn business can actually tell us a lot about a person you might be spending all your time with.

We can tell what their interests are; if they take pride in their appearance even how much they earn by the way a person dresses.

But, what about after time, when you’ve been with someone and it is no longer about the first impression, is your appearance still as crucial?

With statistics showing that two thirds of women try to chance their partner’s appearance it would appear so.

Rachel Brown from Kent told us: “I think girlfriends have a big influence on the way boys dress, but I like buying my boyfriend clothes as I want to see him in them.”

We know that fashion isn’t everything when it comes to falling in love, but it certainly helps!

We asked TV agony aunt Denise Robertson what she thought about the topic and she told us: “It’s not all about style, it’s about getting to know the person first, but obviously style does play a part but you should dress for yourself.”

And although we agree we can’t help swooning every time a handsome man in a stylish get up walks past.

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