Hair Envy: Stealing Celeb Hairstyles

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We all get hair envy when we see celebs rocking new hairstyles in movies, tv shows and magazines. Celebrities show us different ways to cut and colour our hair and inspire us to recreate that look.

Obviously we can’t go to the salons that they do, use the super expensive products they do or pay for a hair stylist to follow us around, making sure a lock of hair never falls out of place. But we can do the next best thing. We can copy them.

Tearing out pictures from magazines or showing an image from your phone is very common at the hairdressers, and there is no shame in doing it! According to the Schwarzkopf website “A picture is worth a thousand words” and showing a picture will really help your stylist achieve what you want.

Former hairdresser Mike Cross, 21, revealed to us some popular requests. Mike said: “The Jennifer Aniston ‘Rachel’ cut was a major player in the 90s” and “when Victoria Beckham’s ‘pob’ was about that was majorly popular.”

Other common influences have been Rihanna, when she had the short red hair in 2010, and the Kardashian sisters, whose long locks still have us jealous to this day.

I asked some North East ladies for their experiences with copying celeb hairstyles and here are their replies …

Rachal Walton Hair

Rachel Walton’s Updo In The Style Of Eva Longoria

Rachael Walton, 19, York, asked for an Eva Longoria inspired up-do for her leavers’ ball. Rachael told me: “I was really happy with my hair and thought it looked exactly the same.” She also said: “I’ve since taken other pictures and always been pleased with the results.”

Chloe Watson, 20, County Durham, said: “When I was younger I used to take Mary-Kate and Ashley DVD boxes and say I wanted my hair exactly like that! And now I take Lauren Conrad pictures.” Chloe says she feels hairdressers never really understand “unless you take a picture”.

Kate Pattinson, 19, Gateshead, revealed: “I’ve asked for the Fearne Cotton bob and a Keira Knightly bob in the past”.

Melody Small, 21, Kent, said she has “once asked for the Sarah Harding pixie crop”. She also spilled she has “stalked strangers from Facebook and taken their profile pictures in”.

In my personal experience I asked for a plaited up-do, inspired by blogger Amelia Liana, for my leavers’ ball. I was really happy with the finished style and think taking an image to show the hairdresser really helps them achieve the look you want.

Amelia Liana Hair

Amelia Liana’s Instagram

My hair

My Finished Result

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