Peaches Geldof Leaves Behind A Family And A Fashion Legacy

2008: Peaches was the face of the up and coming new romantics with her adorable box bags and berets. From now on Peaches sported more one of a kind tattoos.
2010: Seeming more California Girl alongside ex beau director Eli Roth, Peaches looked curvier and tanned.
2011: In a beautiful paisley print dress for the 'One Day' premiere. This is when the Geldof girl embraced her heritage and sourced some amazing vintage pieces.
2011: Embracing her pale skin and ice white hair once again, Peaches looked more elegant than ever when she slimmed down and chose more demure dresses.
2012: Glowing during her pregnancy, she claimed she didn't wear maternity clothes and just bought a size up.
2013: Pregnant for the second time, Peaches looks enviable sleek in this pastel two piece at the Elle Style Awards.
2014: Looking as slim as ever with flawless dewy make up at the Alice Temperley show. Peaches was in prime in every element of her life including fashion.

Yesterday (April 7) writer and TV presenter Peaches Geldof-Cohen was found dead.

The 25-year-old mother leaves husband, musician Thomas Cohen and her two sons, Phaedra and Astala who are due to turn two and one this month.

Peaches was the poster girl for the noughties woman; a journalist from the age 14 with an independent sense of style, the tattooed friend of the hottest bands and a happily married woman and mother by the age of 25, while maintaining her enviable social life.

Peaches flew the flag for British girls, before Alexa and alongside Daisy, with an endless stream of perfect tea dresses and brogues. Peaches had her own brand of indie cool, satchel bags and vintage pieces gave the finishing touch to her early outfits.

She designed and walked for PPQ in 2008, becoming the face of Miss Ultimo the following year and has appeared in Agent Provocateur numerous times.

Her Instagram served as joyous scrapbook of adventures with her children, firm friendship with Singer Phlo Finister and increasing embrace for the simpler things in life.

The death has personally astounded me. From age 15, I would pour over anything and everything with Peaches in the glossies.

From her days DJing with Fifi Brown at the height of nu-rave to the demure designer ensembles of her recent years, Peachy G was the one for me.

Her eye for quality fabric and perfect prints made her England’s answer to Chloe Sevigny. I would compulsively change by hair colour and fringe style to match, Peter Pan collars, brogues and refusal to wear any necklace that didn’t hang lower than my bust in homage to Peaches.

Upon the upsetting revelation, my mother called saying she felt incredibly upset over the news, describing how she felt the need to cry despite having never met her.

She said: “I think there will be lots of mothers and daughters calling each other tonight” a shock to The Tube generations maternal instinct.

My endless teenage mimicking must have resonated in my mothers heart, just as her impeccable style will remain in the fashion world she immersed herself in.

Above is Fashion North’s homage to the fashion legacy of Peaches Geldof.

Rest in Peace Peaches.

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