Five Fashion Designers Who Do Social Media Best

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Today, social media gives consumers constant accessibility. Fashion brands that use social media productively provide their followers with immediate customer service. We no longer have to listen to elevator music playing down the phone while you wait to talk to a human. A tweet is quicker, better and more effective.

Fashion is all about what is fresh and cutting-edge – social media is the perfect outlet for promoting what’s next. With the variety of social media channels available, anything is possible.

For this year’s London Fashion Week, many big name international brands used technology as additional means for promoting new trends and designers in the industry, highlighting just how important technology is to brands as it is about the clothes and fashion; 60% of shows were live-streamed.

It’s hard to find a fashion label that doesn’t have at least a speck of a social media presence, but some brands are better at navigating this space than others. Here are our top five designers who prove that the hottest trend in fashion right now is social media:

1) Marc Jacobs

Twitter: 1,500,400 followers

Facebook: 1,393,628 likes

Instagram: 1,199,119 followers

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Instagram

Marc Jacobs’ most recent #CastMeMarc Campaign saw a huge trending takeover on Twitter and Instagram as the fashion house searched for a new model to become the face of Marc Jacobs purely through hash tagging selfies.

The winner of Best Twitter and Best Instagram at Style Coalition’s fifth annual Fashion 2.0 awards provided his brand with an instant and effective way of attracting media and public attention. Marc has also created opportunities for inspiring models to become the face of the brand, purely through the power of the hash tag.

2) Cole Haan

Twitter: 20,000 followers

Facebook: 213,460 likes

Instagram: 57,284 followers

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 10.24.33

Cole Haan Instagram

At last year’s Fashion Week, the shoe brand Cole Haan launched a hashtag campaign the week before Fashion Week began called #DontGoHome.

The first part of the campaign involved using closed storefront gates to with sayings like “You’re fair drag mother says don’t go home” along with the Cole Haan logo and the hashtag #DontGoHome.

The result was people noticing the messages and then taking pictures of the sayings and uploading it with the hashtag to Instagram and Twitter.

3) Rebecca Minkoff

Twitter: 177,000 followers

Facebook: 338, 746 likes

Instagram: 350, 560 followers

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 10.27.52


Rebecca Minkoff Instagram

In addition to live streaming her fashion show at Fashion Week last spring, Rebecca Minkoff also displayed a live wall of tweets and social content before her runway show, allowing people in the audience to connect with the online audience and vice versa.

4) DVF

Twitter: 673,000 followers

Facebook: 509,624 likes

Instagram: 396,862 followers

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 10.33.26

DVF Instagram

At this year’s NYFW, fashion insiders were given early models of Google Glass and were using the technology to give viewers a first-hand look at the behind-the-scenes action of Fashion Week.

This follows last year’s Google Glass debut at Fashion Week, when top designer Diane von Furstenberg wore a pair and put them on her models last year.

5) Burberry

Twitter: 2,800,300 followers

Facebook: 17,033,667 likes

Instagram: 1,372,376 followers

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 10.41.01

Burberry Instagram

Burberry is known for its cutting edge approach to marketing and strong integration with social and digital media. It has embedded digital chips into its garments, which unlocked tailored content when a smartphone was hovered above them. Burberry are introducing a new way for customers and audiences to access manufacturing and product information.

However, it’s not just top designers who embrace social media to reach a younger audience. This year, High Street brand Topshop offered a virtual reality experience of its collections by employing 3D agency, Inition, aiming to “democratise fashion and the shows at LFW”. This ensured fans of the brand could see the collection from their own home.

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne Instagram

Even models are in on bringing social media onto the catwalk. Cara Delevingne claimed yet another fashion week first as she walked the runway for Giles Deacon, pulling faces, taking selfies and later posting a video of herself walking the runway.

Even beauty products are following fashion’s example. Tresemme used social media to create billboard animation display posts from Instagram content featuring the #tresmbfw hashtag.

The hair products brand featured two screens that projected curated social content at the top of their booth at their Fashion Week Salon Lounge.

It clearly goes without saying that everyone in the fashion world is wanting to put their face on social media these days.

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