Bikini Bodies: Are You Dreading This Summer?

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Summer is fast-approaching and it’d be an unfair statement to say that the majority of women aren’t dreading wearing a bikini or swimming costume at least a little bit.

But the truth of the matter is it’s difficult to feel confident and sexy wearing such minimal body cover-up when there are pictures of bodacious and beautiful celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Michelle Keegan being thrusted at us from all over the internet, in magazines and on billboards too.

We feel pressure to look as curvy and perfect as they do – we are intimidated by the media.

If we could all just cover ourselves head-to-toe in a beach towel and still achieve a glamorous sun-kissed glow we would.

It isn’t farfetched to say that every woman has at least one thing about their body they feel insecure about or would change if they could; like their ‘thunder thighs’, their cellulite, their ‘back fat’ or their small boobs – it will always be something.

How many of you think “I’ll start my diet after Christmas so I can lose weight for summer”? – I bet it’s a lot of you.

We asked some young women how they felt about beachwear and what they feel insecure about on holiday –

Rachel Andrews, 18, said: “The thing I feel most insecure about is my thighs; because when I wear a swimming costume my legs are exposed.”

Amy Lowes-Smith, 18, also said: “I definitely feel a little insecure when I wear bikinis as I know that my body isn’t as slender as a lot of girls.

“I think publicising celebrities in magazines, on the television and on the internet increases my level of insecurity as these women are incredibly in shape and I feel disappointed knowing I am not of the same standard.”

However Stephanie Chungu, 19, studying at the University of Sunderland, had an opposing insecurity: “I don’t really wear bikinis. My body isn’t what I want it to be, I would love to have curves instead of being skinny.”

As well as the pressure from celebrity and media influence, it’s undeniable that most of us are worried about what others will think – particularly men.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 10.55.40

Kelly Brook Flies The Flag For Curvy Women

Feeling shy around the opposite sex is natural but when you’re semi-clad it takes it to a whole new level. Along with that, men do like to look at women on holiday in minimal clothing, that’s just how they are programmed and the pressure to look good increases.

What it’s all about is feeling comfortable in your own body and your own skin and if you don’t feel confident enough to wear a bikini or a swimming costume then don’t; nobody can force you.

Beach cover-ups are a great option if you want to take part in the beachwear extravaganza but would like a little extra privacy in the places you feel worried to show.

High Street brands such as Topshop, Primark, New Look, River Island and online savoir ASOS are all stocking costume cover-ups now so hit the shops and see what you can find!

Here are some of our favourites:


River Island embellished lace kaftan, £30.


Topshop mint jersey halter dress, £26.


Topshop white embroidered playsuit, £36.


New Look tribal print sarong, £7.99.


French Connection Emily embellished kaftan, £69.

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