Top Spring Transitional Pieces

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The dance between winter and spring can be a daunting one in the UK, but fear not we’ve got you covered.

If you’re as baffled as us by the typical British weather, then you’ll know what a pain it is to get an outfit that’s going to protect you from those April showers (downpours), and not make you look like you’re about trek the Antarctic.

To save you some trouble, Fashion North has pulled together our top spring transitional pieces.

Tapered Trousers

We’re not all brave enough yet to go bare legs yet, so why not ditch the jeans a bit and go for a tapered trouser instead?

They’re perfect for taking those little steps into spring and can be worn casually or even on a night out – plus printed trousers are a must this season!


Animal Print Tapered Trousers, Next, £35.

Structured Jackets

Jackets are a toughie to get right in spring, you’re either caught a freak heatwave or shivering all day long.

Structured, figure fitting jackets are a good way to go in 2014. They’re not as heavy as that winter coat we’ve (hopefully) put away by now, but light enough to keep out the chilly breeze. And, if you’re still stuck, make sure you’ve got a staple leather jacket at hand!

Or if you’re feeling extra adventurous, reach for the pastels, they’ll become your best friend this season.


Quilted Jacket, H&M, £34.99.


Lilac Bell Sleeved Cropped Jacket, River Island, £50.

Sheer Jumpers

It’s not quite warm enough for slinky vest tops either, so we’re going for sheer jumpers instead. The sun can be sneaky at times and trick us into thinking it’s warmer than it actually is before we’ve got to the end of the street. If you’re going to ditch the jacket completely, go for a light weight sheer jumper that can be worn effortlessly over jeans, trousers or a skirt and tights.


Ribbed Sweater, Mango, £34.99.

Tea Dresses

Like we said, we’re not suggesting you break out the legs yet, unless of course that heat wave has arrived, but with flirty tea dresses on the fashion agenda this spring you can’t go far wrong. Paired with black tights and a light jacket it’s a winning combination.


Painted Floral Dress, Topshop, £45.

Ankle Strap Shoes

Stick with the flirty theme with some dolly shoes. Block heels are everywhere this season and with added ankle straps you’re sure to be on trend this spring.


Patent Dolly Shoes, Topshop, £28.

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