Fashion Flashback

Fashion comes and goes through the years but style is forever.

That is why we are looking back at the most fashionable women in showbiz and revamping their style to a more modern taste.

From the likes of Marilyn Monroe to Twiggy, you’ll be able to get the look of these icons in no time.

1) Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn Photo 214

Most known for her black Givenchy gown from Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Audrey Hepburn tops the list of style icons of the past. She had a very elegant style about her that was very likeable and inspired young girls. Even in Funny Face she was impeccable.

Topshop Audrey Hepburn £60


To make this look more modern, try this floor length number from Topshop for £60. Team it up with this 3 pearl necklace from New Look for £5.99.

2) Marilyn Monroe


When someone says Marilyn Monroe, the first thing that pops into our heads is an image of her trying to stop her skirt blowing in the wind. How is it possible that someone can look that flawless when her skirt is misbehaving and her underwear is on full show?

Marilyn Monroe Weekday £55

Topshop Marilyn Monroe £42

We managed to find a similar dress to Marilyn’s on that day from Weekday for £55 and a pair of shoes from Topshop to match for £42.

3) Elizabeth Taylor


This Dame has played big names such as Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt and Amy in Little Women. Her style is similar to Monroe’s but more modest. She was known mostly for her diamonds, fur and many marriages.

Elizabeth Taylor ASOS £25

Here’s a green dress similar to the one Taylor was dressed in for ‘Suddenly Last Summer’ from ASOS for £25.

4) Brigitte Bardot


One of the big names of the fashion industry, this sex kitten was a wildly iconic woman. Not only being a model she was a well-known singer and actress. She popularised the bikini and even got her own neckline named after her, the Bardot.

ASOS Brigitte Bardot £35[1]

This dress from ASOS screams modern day seduction. It’s perfectly sixties with the Bardot neckline and the short skirt for £35.

5) Twiggy


Another 60s icon but this time a little more rebellious. Twiggy was known for her high fashion shoots and outrageously short outfits. We may be used to them now but mini skirts were the shortest they’d ever been to date at the time. Luckily this Autumn/Winter, the 1960s are going to make a comeback.

River Island Twiggy £30

This pink dress from River Island would be perfect for a Twiggy inspired look for only £30.

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