Styling: From Then To Now


As we grow up, we develop our own sense of style outside our parents and get an image that people can define us by.

But does their styling choice influence how we dress later in life?

I’ve raided my parents photo collection of me when I was a child and I plan on recreating them now to see how my style has changed.

Looking through the photos I think my style has completely changed or evolved if you will. It’s obvious that my choice of clothing has changed, but is that because my mum and dad don’t dress me anymore?


Or is it because I’ve become more consciously aware of what I’m wearing?

Nowadays, I prefer to wear fitted clothing with the odd baggy vest. This is because I find loose fitting clothes irritating on my skin, but also because I feel more comfortable in tighter clothes.

Whereas some people have one specific look they can be associated with, I find myself with multiple looks. Preppy is the one I would say I go to the most but my casual look I feel is more free.

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