Ask Nancy’s Festival Style Tips

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Most of us have all experienced a festival once or twice and we can recall the sights.

Denim shorts here, boho-inspired headdress there, it all becomes a bit cliché doesn’t it?

With Coachella officially kicking off the season we have taken some tips for how to correctly dress for festivals from the star-studded music event in LA’s Palm Springs.

We asked our style agony aunt, Nancy for her top tips for festival dressing the right way:

1) You are camping in ENGLAND!

2014 Coachella Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 2 - Atmosphere

One thing I am always curious about is the effort that girls put into their outfits when going to festivals.

I’d wonder how they would fit it all into their tent and how long it took to plan each days outfits?

10 years-ago, festivals used to be a place to listen to good, alternative music with friends and have jolly good time. But today, it seems to have evolved into a fashion event with people rarely attending for the music and just for another thing to tick of their list.

For me, the best dressers, dress with simplicity and make it look effortless. Try not to play up to Coachella’s tricks and wear wedges and a fedora hat, British festivals are more raw and edgy.

At Coachella they don’t sleep in tents and they DO have the luxury of showering the next day, so be realistic. Have outfits that are easy to slip on and off that don’t include too much fuss.

2) Dress for comfort not for style…

Glastonbury Festival 2013 - Day 6

Now, denim shorts are a saviour and worn correctly they can be a perfect addition to your festival wardrobe.

However, if they are too tight or too short no matter how much tugging you do you will be uncomfortable all day and this will show in your confidence and could ruin your experience.

Try not be confined to the trends, on this note take advice from Coachella and their weird and wacky outfits that are oh-so comfortable and practical.

3) Adhere to each festival’s dress code

Glastonbury Festival 2013 - Day 4

Many festivals have different atmospheres which in turn relates to what you wear. Imagine going to the rock festival, Download, in your newest floral print day dress and halo garland. How silly are you going to feel surrounded my hard metal fans and baggy jeans?

If it’s V-Fest you’re going to, then this is probably the most dressed-up festival. Glastonbury, perhaps a more relaxed and chilled out dressing environment. Get the idea?

4) Get Bling’d Out

Vanessa Hudgens

If Coachella taught us one thing, it’s that embellish make-up is a hot trend this festival season.

From Kendall Jenner’s glittery eyebrows to Vanessa Hudgens gemmed eyes, dull down your outfit and go all-out with lots of shimmery things. It’s a great fun, summer look that could only be pulled off at a festival.

5) Be Prepared!

Glastonbury Festival 2005 - Worthy Farm

Unfortunately, we are not in LA so don’t rely on the weather! English weather can be unpredictable and almost always miserable.

So even when the weather report says it’s going to be glorious sunshine still pack your wellies and a mac just in case.

You wouldn’t want your fav pair of sandals getting ruined in a mud-slide would you?

In my time, I have seen girls in bikinis be hailed on, so don’t take any chances. Always pack an alternative weather permitting outfit, just in case disaster strikes!

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