Spring/Summer Transition Wear

SS14 Transition

Some days, you’ll wake up and groan in exasperation, because it’s one of those days. One of those days where the air is crisp and cold, but it’s blindingly bright, so when you get walking, you sweat because of the sun beating down on your back.

As a result, you end up at work or university all shiny and embarrassingly red. Or a day where it’s so foggy you can’t see an inch ahead of your nose, yet it’s strangely humid (this actually happened in the North East recently). It’s not exactly spring anymore, but it’s not quite summer yet, so what should one wear outside?

Transitional weather comes around four times a year, but the difference between the most transitions and the spring/summer change is that layering is key.

Naturally, one would assume that with SS, you would do the opposite – de-layer, because it’s supposed to be warm. But, sadly that’s not the case as it’s not quite warm enough in the North East that you can afford to be stripping down to camisoles and ditching the tights.

The trick is to do both. Layer with light fabrics, so think lace, chiffon and mesh.



Mesh Organza Skirt, £17.99, Missguided.com





Go for 3/4 length sleeves instead of full length, or a jersey top with short mesh sleeves.  This lace top is perfect at £19.99 from H&M.

Swap your chunky knitwear for sporty sweatshirts that are far less insulating, and layer a sweet collared lace dress underneath.


Then, finish with a neutral ankle boot, or an on-trend glitzy trainer.  These Nike Air Max Trainers in Blue are £105 from ASOS.


And my biggest secret? 15 denier tights (aka sheer black) instead of the usual 30. Find these for £10 from Topshop.

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