Eurostyle: Get the Eurovision Look

I know what you are thinking. Why on earth would I take my style inspiration from the Eurovision Song Competition?

From the scary masks and heavy metal rockin’ of Finland’s infamous Lordi (remember Hard Rock Hallelujah from 2006?) to the sickeningly sweet pink mini dress rocked by Lulu in her winning performance of Boom Bang a Bang in 1969, Eurovision has never been the most fashion-forward event.

However, it is a place to celebrate a plethora of different cultures coming together under one roof and that is something that doesn’t happen all that often. It is within these different cultures, that we find different ways to dress.

Fashion North have picked seven of the participating Eurovision countries and highlighted fashion trends that they are famous for to create a photo-shoot that celebrates cultural diversity in a fashion context.

The Group Eurovision

1) The UK Mod

We as a nation are often known for our unique style. Over the years, this has come into play through various subcultures that dominated UK culture in particular points in history.

The Mod subculture is one we are particularly famous for. Big hair and tiny skirts are key to this trend, and is one that you can definitely try today.

This patterned skirt (Primark) is great for both hiding your dignity and looking fabulous, and paired with these white flats (New Look) and on-trend polo neck top (George @ ASDA) reflects the best of the 60’s style.

2) Go Green for Ireland

The Irish always know how to throw a party and St Paddy’s day has evolved into a world-wide day of fun where a sea of green dominates the streets. However, you can wear green all year round and still look fashionable.

We all know how popular mint green is for spring, but the time has come to ditch the pastels and move on to the summer brights.

This emerald green skirt (Primark) makes a statement when paired with the cute sunflower print crop top (H&M) but can be styled with a white cami and matching blazer for more of a formal look.

3) Bring on the French Breton

Ah France, the country of romance and art.

Every loved-up couple wants to spend a weekend break in Paris and enjoy the rich culture, but the easiest way to inject a little bit of France into your life is to rock the Breton stripe trend that is rife at the moment.

First used as a uniform for French navy sailors, the thin stripes of the Breton top (Primark) look wonderful on both men and women and is a versatile piece for the Summer.

Here, we have paired the staple piece with a skinny jean (Lee Denim for Vivienne Westwood), brogues (River Island) and a cute man bun (or mun) to emulate the artistic French style.

4) Leather Italiano

The Italian designers who show at Milan fashion week always include an element of opulence in their creations.

Everyone instantly thinks chic and sexy when they think of Italy, and girls- we definitely love our Italian stallions.

However, Italy is probably most famous for its extra luxe Italian leather. It is expensive, hard-wearing and impossibly beautiful to touch and everyone needs to have a leather jacket in their life.

To live up to the true class of Italian style, we paired a classic leather jacket (Zara) with a white dress shirt (Primark), skinny jeans (Topman) and a cheeky gold chain to liven the ensemble up.

5) España loves lace

Señors and Señoritas, it is know secret that the Spanish are fiery, passionate and sexy. From matadors to flamenco, everything about historic Spanish culture is explosive, and that is how we decided to style our model for Spain.

The Spanish are known for their lace, which originally was imported from various European countries in the late 18th century. Now though, they have made it their own and this bodycon lace dress (New Look) represents the fiery Spanish woman inside us all.

Paired with a hot red lip and voluminous hair, it is easy to get the sensual, Spanish look.

6) Thank you for the Swedish

The Eurovision song competition has given us many music greats including Celine Dion who sang for Switzerland, Lulu who represented the UK and of course, the infamous ABBA for Sweden.

Where would we be without ABBA?

At weddings, there would be no drunken parents singing Waterloo, the hit musical Mamma Mia wouldn’t exist and the jumpsuit would never have been a fashion staple. Thanks to Sweden and good old ABBA, us girls can rock the jumpsuit trend which is oh-so popular at the moment.

This lovely polka dot number (Primark) is slightly flared at the bottom giving a nod to 70’s, and when paired with a wedge heel, makes you look empowered. Stand tall girls, the winner really does take it all!

7) Greek Goddess

Think Athens, Aphrodite and all things etheral with this look, as we go way back to ancient Greek culture.

We all love hearing about greek mythology, but fashion followers really have a lot to thank these guys for.

The Greek architecture involved a lot of columns and pillars (think about the Parthenon) and this inspired the column dress. Combined with the colour white and the modern illusion of these goddesses floating around in long dresses, the column maxi dress was born.

This number (H&M) looks fabulous on those with a darker skin tone and is definitely a staple piece for the summer.

Who can go on holiday without a maxi dress to look flawless in?

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