Chanel Does Dubai

Mideast Emirates Chanel Cruise Dubai Show

We all wished we lived the glamorous life where we can jet off to Dubai and lounge in our designer Cruise collection.

Well, Chanel have done exactly that. Presenting their 2015 collection on and island off the coast of Dubai. They really know how to put on a show.

Karl Lagerfeld has done nearly everything with his settings, from his most recent Chanel Supermarket he has now created a lavish tent setting. He boated off 1,000 guests to the private Chanel island for the show.

Of course it’s not a Chanel show without the celebrity guests.

Mideast Emirates Chanel Cruise Dubai Show

The likes of Rihanna, Tilda Swinton and Dakota Fanning made an appearance for the event and Janelle Monae performed at the after party.

Classic Chanel tweed, Harem pants, prints on prints, ruffles and hints of gold were the main focuses for the show. Models donned 80s styled perms, heavy eyeliner with gold flakes.

When you think petrol can you don’t think handbag. Well Chanel have done just that. With the signature quilted pattern, this is definitely the best petrol can we’ve seen.

And it wouldn’t be an event without the celebrity selfies, Elisa Sednaoui and Alice Dellal snapped themselves on their way over to the island.

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