NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week Model Diary – Wednesday

Wednesday: Front Row Fashion Show

1.00pm: Arrive at Tiger Tiger. One of the interns shows me up to the 1st floor and to the model area. As there are 30 models in total we are split into two groups. I end up sat with Amy, Lauren, Dani, Victoria and the face of Newcastle Fashion Week, Bethan Sproat.

1.30pm: Sandra and her core team brief us while we are sat in the model area, they tell us how the day will run and how we are expected to behave (professionally of course).

1.50pm: After the briefing Jennifer, one of the interns collects me and takes me to Pauline from East Terrace Hair Dressing, so she can start my hair. Today’s brief according to Pauline is “ponytails, ponytails and some more ponytails.” She twists and braids my hair into a rather fancy ponytail in no time at all and I’m able to go back to the model area and chat with the girls (Laura, Amy, Bethan and Dani).

2.20pm: The designer arrives that I’m assigned to. I go over to Kate Gorman’s stand and she selects the outfit that I am wearing for the evening: a crushed velvet, navy blue all in one cat suit. This was the base for Kate’s jewellery designs a beautiful vibrant and intricate necklace with a matching belt and bracelet. After the fitting I headed back to the model area to sit with the girls while we waited for our makeup to be done.

3.30pm: Jennifer collects me again and takes me over to the makeup stand where Amanda from Bobbi Brown, does my makeup. The brief: a smokey eye with a matte face. After makeup it’s time for a late lunch/early tea and the girls and I head to a near by coffee shop where we took plenty of selfies and ate too much cake.

5.30pm: After all that cake Laura, Bethan, Dani and I race back to Tiger for the catwalk run through. We all walk through the show once and go back to our fittings and makeup and hair touch ups.

6.00pm: Dayne Henderson, a designer for Lady Gaga, arrives as the models are getting dressed in his latex suits all of the other models and interns are swarming around his stand watching awe struck at his show stopping creations. On the other side of the fitting rooms Tallulah Love, a feminine lingerie company, and the headliner of the show are carrying out fittings with their models, the outfits are simply fantastical.

7.00pm: After all of the commotion caused by these fabulous fittings, the cast all get together and have a group photo taken by the official fashion week photographer Idene Roozbayani. Then it is time to put our outfits on in time for the start of the show.

7.45pm: The show starts and as usual the atmosphere back stage is just as electric as it is at the front of house.

10.30pm: The show whizzes past in a blur of accessories, heels and clothes and before I know it it’s home time, and I find myself packing my heels back into my case. This time the girls and I are eager to organise plans for Saturday nights VIP party at Tup Tup, where we will celebrate the week and dance until our feet are sore. So we swap numbers, say our “see you laters” followed by a kiss on each cheek and head home.

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