Diary Of A Gymoholic


I am a self confessed gymoholic, I love it. I have a naturally high metabolism, so I’ve always been on the slim side, at points a little too slim for my liking. In new year, I made a resolution to really start eating right and working out more, so I signed up to the gym and made a new shopping list.

There is so much hype on social media at the moment all saying how “strong is the new skinny”. I love how some of the girls looked, toned arms and legs, defined abs and the “squat bum”.

I wanted to do this properly, so I did my research and talked to people who knew what they were doing with gym plans and health plans. I have learnt so much on my little journey that I want to share my experiences. Over the course of the next few weeks, I shall be posting three instalments to show everyone that the gym isn’t a scary place and eating right doesn’t have to be boring!

Eat right… 

First thing is first, you have got to eat right before you start with everything else.

There is no point going to the gym every day and doing all the protein shakes if you’re not putting the right things in your body. I genuinely enjoy simple foods in life, I would happily eat chicken, rice, and vegetables for dinner.

But to some people that sounds too bland and boring. So have a look at this great blog, it gives you fabulous, easy to follow healthy recipes.

Use this basic meal plan as a starting point if you’re a little stuck:

Breakfast: Try swapping your sugary cereals for a quick meal of scrambled eggs with whole grain toast. This literally takes 5 minutes to make and is a really great start to the day. If eggs aren’t your thing try a bowl of porridge topped with bananas and honey.

Snack: instead of reaching for a chocolate bar try a piece of fruit or a smoothie. Or even a handful of almonds, their great for your skin hair and nails!

Lunch: A simple sandwich of chicken lettuce and tomato (or and salad of your choice) is one of my favourites and finished with an apple or cereal bar. But try have a light salad or sandwich rather than a big heavy meal. You will feel a lot better for it and wont get that sleepy feeling after eating a big meal so your ready to continue your day.

Dinner: As I mentioned before I really enjoy chicken rice and vegetables but you don’t have to be that bland, try making Fajitas with chicken and salad. Or baked salmon fillet and rice. Or a low fat pasta dish. Then for pudding instead of ice cream try a sorbet, they are so refreshing!

Drinks: Do your best to cut out the sugary drinks and caffeine in your diet. You still can have your coffee but try a caffeine free version or swap it for a fruit tea (not as horrid as it sounds, I went from a non tea drinker to loving rose tea and peppermint tea)

Also when you go out on a night, (try) avoid all the cocktails and beer. Stick to a simple vodka based drink. Try vodka, soda and lime cordial which is a measly 76 calories compared to an Apple VK at 179 calories.

The best advice I can give is use your common sense with eating, in this day and age we all know whats good and whats bad for us. Try some new foods, you might be surprised.

Instead of reaching for a microwave meal or some fast food go and get creative in the kitchen.

For me when I sit down to a meal I have made from scratch it is so much more satisfying than something I have just pulled from the freezer and bunged in the oven.

You will soon start to feel the benefits of eating well, I find I have a lot more energy and a lot fuller for longer. I don’t feel as sluggish. Also, you know that you’re eating well and that makes you feel better in its self. No more guilt! Hurray!


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