Trend Report: I Sheer You


This season’s runways have been well and truly invaded by the ‘transparent trend’ that is sheer. Sheer skirts were seen on numerous catwalk shows including Mulberry, Christian Dior and Simone Rocha.

Although you may be thinking see-through skirts leave little to the imagination, they are bang on trend right now with celebrities left right and centre donning the risky look. Rihanna, who is known for the odd fashion shock, recently wore a completely sheer white skirt over a pair of bright pink knickers while out for dinner, ensuring that all eyes were on her.

The trend has also been dotted all over red carpet events with Ellie Goulding in an Alice by Temperly black, polka dot dress with a sheer skirt and Diane Kruger at the Berlinale International Film Festival wearing a sheer white dress designed by Elie Saab.

Adding a touch of sheer to their evening gowns really allows celebs to give an edge and raunchiness to their outfit that regular evening gowns lack. Still glowing with sophistication and elegance, sheer is an all-rounder.

You may be thinking that the sheer look can only be achieved with buying a designer branded garment, but you would be wrong. High street shops such as Topshop, River Island and New Look are bursting with sheer skirts. Whether they be long, short, black, pink… they’re everywhere.

The thought of wearing a sheer skirt could be quite seductive but the high street have collections which show just the right amount of flesh. If you’re not as daring as Rihanna (which most of us aren’t) then the skirts that are sheer from the knee down are just for you.

These skirts are staple pieces for your spring wardrobe and mix well with all sorts of clothes. A black sheer skirt could be pieced with a logo-printed baggy t-shirt and jelly shoes for a casual summer look.

On the other hand, brought together with a brightly coloured plunging v-neck top and accessorized with killer heels and a statement clutch, the look is perfect for an evening of cocktails with the girls.

The sheer look is usually made out of fabrics such as chiffon or organza. In the 1950s, this material was very popular and a lot of evening wear was constructed using it as the fabric as it has a good drape and is light to wear.

In the 1980s there was a revelation surrounding sheer as people were thinking of new ways to show off their body and sheer was the answer. With celebrities being as influential as ever, Madonna in particular became an icon of the era by wearing sheer lace which introduced a total new look for teens in the 80s.

Popsugar have said: “The unveiling of sheer materials on skirts is a definite sign that fashion is saying goodbye to dressing like little girls and hello to dressing like women. What I mean is, sheer can be both sweet and spicy.”

So girls, head straight onto your high street and grab yourself the statement piece that will keep your wardrobe up to date and bang on trend.

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