Tracey Taylor: Freelance Bridal Makeup Artist


There really is no-one better to receive beauty tips and advice from than somebody in the business. Freelance bridal make-up and hair artist Tracey has a history of working with modelling agencies, has had work in Glamour magazine and has done the television make-up of David Cameron.

We met with Tracey Taylor for a coffee to find out about her impressive career so far.

Owning her own company, Beautiful Bride Makeovers, allows Tracey full control over her working hours and what events she works. Tracey creates hairstyles and makeup of brides all around the North East.

Tracey first started her mobile freelance bridal makeup artist company seven years ago and has been a part of over 1000 weddings since.

From a young age Tracey has been fascinated by all things cosmetics, when she was 10-years-old her aunt taught her how to apply eye shadow using pink, blue and gold together: “It was the 80s!” After mastering this technique she began to wear a full face of make up to school each day to try and cover her bad skin. Then after the gold, blue and pink eye shadows were all used up she began to experiment on anyone that would sit still long enough, including her younger brother. From the age of 13 she started theatre at school and began doing the makeup backstage.

Once Tracey neared the end of school, she felt lost as to what she wanted to do with her career and studied beauty therapy at college in hopes of finding a career surrounded by all the things that she loved.

During her time at college, she didn’t want to work at a salon like the other girls on her course and began to contact any modelling agency she could. After lots of phone calls she managed to get into Top Floor Management, a glamour-modelling agency where she: “Really had her eyes opened.” It was her time here that gained her the most experience and threw her in at the deep end with models and nudity.

Tracey worked alongside the modelling agency, photographers and makeup artists, all the while picking up experience and knowledge. Tracey has had work published in Glamour magazine and has done the makeup for lots of glamour modelling shoots.

Britain London Fashion Week

After some years in the industry and struggling to fit her work around her son, Tracey decided to go freelance and has never looked back. Since going freelance Tracey has done the makeup for David Cameron and said: “He was lovely and looked a lot younger than he does on TV!”

The company started with Tracey offering hair, makeup, manicures, pedicures and facials to brides but this has since been cut to just hair and makeup because Tracey: “Didn’t love” the other parts of her work.

Beautiful Bride Makeovers has been established for 7 years now, where Tracey consults with brides, has trials, weddings and gives makeup tutorials to beginners all with the help of one assistant on chaotic wedding days.

A typical day as a bridal makeup artist involves Tracey discussing and trying out looks and hairstyles for weddings, she is known for a minimalistic ‘you but on a really good day’ approach to makeup. This is something brides resonate with as Tracey has over 50 weddings booked for this year and over 20 for 2015, most of her time between now and September will be spent between: “Trials, consultations, brides, weddings, and a day of sleep.”

Organisation is key in Tracey’s demanding line of work where she keeps up with each bride by giving them a sheet of general information including skincare, hair and diet tips to help each bride look and feel their best on their day. Eyes are often the main focus of Tracey’s brides: “I like to bring out peoples eyes, so many people have an amazing arrangement of colour in their eyes.” Tracey believes that this why brides choose her for her feminine and simplistic looks.

When it comes to recommending looks for wedding days it is a lot of Tracey: “Filtering her ideas in while still allowing them the control.” Some brides have a perfect idea of what they want with plenty of pictures to show Tracey and then there are brides with no idea: “They don’t know if they want their hair up or down, they don’t know if they want to look like their made up or natural.” Then Tracey needs to try different ideas for them to have an idea of what they want to look like on the real day.

Perhaps it is the way Tracey styles hair and makeup that makes her so popular with clients. She prefers doing both of them because: “I love them equally, people have asked me time and time again which I prefer and I love the full package.”

The job is something Tracey enjoys doing, and the most rewarding part is seeing a person’s reaction to their final wedding look: “Some people cry because they never thought they could look that good the feeling that I get from that knowing I did that for them is worth more than anything else, it’s worth more than the money.”

Most of Tracey’s clients want to look timeless and classical on their wedding day, in 10 years time they want to still be happy with their makeup even when trends have changed. Tracey’s clients mostly choose to have a classic look with around: “10% of brides having heavier makeup with the liquid liner and the flicks and the bright red lipstick and the brows pencilled.”

Tracey believes that her brides choose her from her portfolio, her look is very natural, soft and feminine.

When asked what advice she would give to aspiring freelance bridal artists she believes you need to be: “Time served,” have plenty of experience behind you with lots of different skin types, eye shapes, people with different colourings. If you want to become freelance you need to get experience with photographers, modelling agencies and have your beauty therapy qualification behind you in order to get insured. Doing short courses won’t help you become more experienced in application but it will make you more familiar with new techniques.

The most important thing to do is practice your technique on anyone you can, learn new things and watch YouTube videos and most importantly have the drive to succeed. If you have the flair for makeup and want to make it your career, follow Tracey’s advice and start with your qualification and by getting as much experience in the industry as you can.

When you enjoy what you do, putting in lots of hard work will be worth the outcome you reap from it!

Contact and view Tracey’s work here

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