London Collections: Men – J.W. Anderson Report

JW Anderson

Androgyny is always to be expected from a J.W. Anderson collection and this one does not disappoint.

His signature in all his collections is “things that can be borrowed from a man to a woman and from a woman to a man” – something that can ben seen throughout his SS15 looks. Alongside androgyny, bold designs are often seen on the catwalk but this season the more abstract designs failed to appear as much.

The designer seemed to have taken a tamer route tackling his new menswear line. While some garments stuck true to past shows. One particular shirt stood out as a synonymous J.W. Anderson piece. An oversized garment that plummets to the knee, this shirt is a perfect representation of what androgyny is.

The terracotta colour is gender neutral which allows for his signature to take effect. For women this could easily be a dress, whereas for the man this would be worn as shown today. Another gender-defying outfit was a candy cane striped two-piece. The diagonal stripes of the trousers ran into those on the shirt, elongating the wearer.

This candy cane stripe is similar to Jonathan Saunders’ AW14 Womenswear dresses which means this could be Anderson’s take on what the Glaswegian thought to be a feminine print.

Keeping in with the more feminine theme, off-the-shoulder T-shirts were presented which is more often that not a womenswear design. However, he managed to make it more masculine with a striped design paired with matching trousers to resemble the common striped suit.

Along with these formal looks, Anderson’s tamer side came through with a classic blazer, jumper and shirt trio. An ensemble which is a signature preppy look. However, the lemon yellow colour creates a softer appeal to this classic look. With yellow being big for women, this could easily be incorporated into the female wardrobe.

Décolletage is usually a term endeared with women but not today. With a cropped jumper that bared the model’s chest, décolletage does not just mean a female’s chest area anymore.

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