London Collections: Men – Day 2 – Common, Hackett and Orlebar Brown

Demotix 16/06/2014

After an exciting first day at London Collections day two offers just as much enthusiasm. Running about from place to place doesn’t become easier on the second day at all. If anything it becomes harder.


Swedish designers Saif Bakir and Emma Hedlund said their aim for this collection was to whitewash it and whitewash they did. Nothing other than greyscale made this collection with the exception of a duck egg blue. Whites after whites graced the catwalk bring a pure/angelic feel to it.

Silver metallic t-shirts added a bit more of an ethereal value to this collection. Matching this tee, a pair of foil trousers and a bomber jacket followed suit and added an out-of-this-world feel. Bakir and Hedlund claim their designs to be progressive with clean aesthetics and that was definitely what they brought to this collection. Everything from the shape of the garments fit perfectly and finished off that clean look.


Bringing a traditionally english look to the table, Hackett kept true to their brand. Eccentric designs are amiss from this collection keeping it simple yet elegant. Several double and single breasted blazers were showcased. The more outstanding jacket was the grey and white striped one. Which would be an essential in any man’s wardrobe.

Alongside that, there was an ensemble that wasn’t too far off resembling Dick Van Dyke back in Mary Poppins. A dark blue blazer paired with a stone pair of trousers finished off with a black pair of loafers. Switching demographics and appealing to those who wear shorts, Hackett produced numerous colourful pairs. Teamed up with jumpers and shirts these shorts are a very strong look for summer.

Preppy, colourful and nautical. Those are three words that pop to mind when you look at this collection.

Orlebar Brown

For this collection the saying “quality over quantity” couldn’t be better coined. The designer produced a small collection but boy did it pack a punch.

This casual line is how the British should be doing holiday fashion. Smart shorts that have a tight fitting and a t-shirt that allows the two garments to complement each other. The collection was a very classic British look that can be seen especially when the sun is around.

Brown also premiered four footwear items along with this Spring/Summer ’15 collection. Slip on shoes similar to vans and espadrilles that are set to be big next spring were among the pairs. Summery, fresh and preppy would describe this collection to a tee.

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