Prom beauty files: the smokey grey eye

smokey eye

Prom fever has hit Fashion North and we have been busy picking the best dresses for you to wear this Summer in our exclusive photo shoots. However there’s no Prom dress without Prom make-up, and choosing what look to go with can be a difficult decision. Don’t worry though, we have got you covered. Keep coming back to see our step-by-step make-up tutorials to complement  your perfect prom dress.

Today we will demonstrate how to create a sultry smokey-eye using a matte grey eyeshadow. Whether you are channelling The Great Gatsby in a 20’s-style dress or wish to add drama to a more pared-back piece, a grey smokey-eye assures an effortless yet glamorous accompaniment  to your prom dress. This colour works especially well with blue eyes and is subtle enough to wear with a variety of lip colours. Here is how to get the look:

1. Start by priming the eyes: Whether you use an eye-priming product like the Urban Decay Primer Potion or just a dab of concealer, given your eyes a base to neutralise redness, hide veins and give the shadow something to stick to. We recommend the MAC Paint Pot in Painterly which is a creamy nude colour that is perfect as a base for any eye-shadow look. Simply dab the product carefully over the eyelid until the area is covered and your base is ready to work with.

2. Push the matte grey onto the lid: Choose a grey that suits your skin tone and push the product onto the eyelid with a flat brush. We have chosen MAC’s Copperplate, a taupe-toned grey. Packing the colour onto the lid will ensure the eyeshadow transfers its full pigmentation and stays put all night long.

3. Blend in the crease of the eye: Using a clean blending brush (a fluffy, rounded one) simply blend out the eyeshadow on the crease of your eye. There doesn’t need to be any product on the brush at the moment, this is to create a soft transition from the eyelid to the brow bone. If you don’t have a deep crease in your eye, keep your eyes open and where the lid touches the brow bone is where you should blend. Make sure you don’t take this too far up though- the area under your brow should be kept clean. 

4. Add a silver highlight to the tear duct: To brighten up the eye area, add a glint of silver eyeshadow or eyeliner. This will make your eyes look extra vibrant in photographs and ensure you look wide-awake.

5. Take the eyeshadow under the lash line: Using a smudger brush or a small eyeshadow brush, take a little of the matte grey under the bottom lash line. This will give an extra smokey and sultry look to the eyes and marry the eyeshadows together to create a more finished aesthetic.

6. Deepen the crease definition: If you feel you need to, at this point you can take more eyeshadow through the crease. Here I used a little matte brown to deepen the natural shadow. This gives the illusion that your eye crease is deeper and adds more drama. Ensure you concentrate the darkest shadow to the outer corner of the eye for a cat-eye, editorial look.

7. Add liquid liner: Liquid liner is not for everyone and if you don’t like wearing it then skip this step. Adding a winged liner makes the look more striking- but it easy to get carried away. Felt tip liners are a great way to keep your liner thin and easy to control. Draw in the flick at the end of your eye first, angling it towards the tail of your eyebrow, and work backwards. If you can, try not to pull on the eyelid as this makes the liner drag and won’t create a smooth line. This will take some practice but the choice to liner or not to liner is yours.

8. Add pencil liner to the waterline and tightline: Even if you don’t use liquid liner, using a kohl on the waterline and tightline will add the finishing touch to a smokey eye. Although adding a pencil liner to these areas can make the eyes water, but if you are careful it will look fantastic. We recommend the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kajal pencil as it is affordable and soft but will last all night! Carefully run the pencil in inner part of the bottom lashline and along the inner top lashline for full effect.

9. Apply mascara liberally and clean up: No eye look is complete without a few coats of mascara and for prom we truly believe the thicker and longer the lashes the better. So pick your favourite mascara (we chose Maybeline The Falsies) apply a few coats and coax your lashes into a beautiful fanned out formation that will woo everyone when you batter your eyelids. When your eyes are suitably fluttery, take your favourite concealer under the eyes and clear any fall out.

10. Groom those brows: The brows are the frame of the eyes and without a groomed brow no eye look will ever be complete. Whether you have bushy thick brows or groomed ones, ensure you have filled in any sparse areas and they are set into place. We used the Soap and Glory Brow Archery and used the felt tip liner to fill in gaps and groom any fly-aways into place.

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