The (Summer) Body Beautiful


Well the time has come again, everyone is jetting off to a sunny destination to escape their nine-to-five life. As the school holidays and the British summer dawns on us the more revealing clothes hit the shelves.

As I walked around Debenhams while my friend browsed for a bikini, I noticed a swimsuit and it wasn’t the vibrant pattern that caught my attention. Plastered over each one was a sticker that said: “Now with tummy control.”

As a 20-year-old male, it shocked me that this had to be even advertised. As if ‘tummy control’ is something that will entice a woman into buying a product there and then. What is wrong with keeping it a secret and allowing them to feel good in it regardless? Do women have to think they only look good wearing body controlling outfits?

Society seems to be telling them that if they’re not thin, then they’re not pretty. We all know that is not the case at all. If you’re going away this summer to a place that requires less clothing. Wear as little clothing as you want.

All I suggest is you don’t push your boundaries too much. If you go for something that you wouldn’t normally wear and it reveals a bit more than usual, it’s perfect. Don’t be afraid to show what you’ve got. Whether that’s a body that you work hard on or a body that is a bit bigger than others.

Sheer Clothing.

If you’re not ready to take that daring leap to the completely bare skin look then why not try sheer clothing. It’s a good halfway point. While you’re not completely exposing everyone to areas of your body that you may feel a little uncomfortable with, they’re still visible enough to show off some confidence.

Your Favourite Item.

We all have those items of clothing that as soon as we put them on, we become a new person. Stock your wardrobe with more of these items and you will get a  sometimes much needed confidence boost in no time.

Ignorance Is Bliss.

If you don an attitude that means you don’t care what other people think of you it’s a fantastic thing. As long as you’re happy with how you look why should anyone else’s opinion matter?

Compliment Yourself Daily.

If you look in the mirror and tell yourself one to two positive remarks about your appearance you’re having trouble with that day will soon work wonders. I used to think that without my hair, I am nothing. It took a while for me to finally see that one bad hair day won’t make others think of me any differently. As soon as I managed that, I started to feel a lot better about myself regularly.

Wear Make-up.

Usually I tell people they don’t need make-up because I feel natural beauty is a lot better than covering up. On this hand, I say wear it if it makes you feel better. If you feel better without it, then don’t.

Basically, all you need to be do is be happy and confident with who you are. However that may be.

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