The Day Off Dilemma: What Do You Wear?

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A survey has shown that more than half of women feel pressured to look perfect not only at work but on their day off. It’s hard to keep up fashion perfection.  Abigail Watts asks what women wear when they’re not at work and urges them to feel less pressured: You look fantastic.

When I was a little girl and stumbled across pictures of my grandmother when she was younger I was in awe of how perfect she looked, with her perfect long black curls, porcelain face and white lace dress, matched with a neatly buttoned up tweed jacket. As I grew up I realized that it’s harder than it looks staying well dressed all of the time.

Even when casual wear took to the catwalks in the Autumn/Winter collections, it didn’t ease the pressure. Instead it showed us that high-end fashion houses are suggesting that we put effort into dressing casually.

We can’t all afford the collections from the catwalk, and can’t all be as immaculate as the generations of women before us, or can we…

After a long tiring week at work, are you the type of women who immediately jumps into her PJs? Or do you make an effort; depressed from the boring uniform you wear all week, you put on your most show-stopping outfit and hit the high street. I asked a few hard-working fashion conscious ladies about their after work wear to find out how they deal with their day off dilemma.

The sport fanatic:

With the likes of Marc Jacobs bringing sportswear to the catwalk it seemed fitting that the sporting women of the world tell us what they wear on their day off.

Linda Walker, 52, is a full-time nurse practitioner, with health being a big part of her life she certainly fits into this category.

Linda said: “My belief is that I just want to stay healthy and as I’m getting older its more and more important.”

Linda is wearing Karrimor Lycra leggings and vest accompanied with Nike duel Fusion trainers.

She added: “The amount of training I do differs from week to week but any exercise is an achievement after 42 hours a week at work.”

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The Fashionista:

After a long week at work there’s nothing more pleasing than dressing in exactly what you want for a change and wearing your best and most beautiful outfit.

Tracy Allsop, sales manager at Next, said: “Because I work in retail and am surrounded by clothes you would think that I’d be sick of them when I get a day off, but that’s not the case.”

Tracy added: “As I wear heels for work and have been working in retail for 30 years, I actually can’t wear flats. Even my slippers have a heel.”

Dressed immaculately, Tracy won’t be spotted on her day off without a pair of beautiful heels and a designer bag. Obviously working in retail has fuelled her obsession with fashion rather than deterring it.

The Student:

Students are often thought of as a nocturnal species that sleep through the day but can be seen at night tearing up the town. However, Samantha Spowart thinks differently.

Samantha said: “I don’t think I fall into the typical student stereotype, I love getting dressed up for a night out but I also make an effort through the day. On a normal day shopping I would wear my skinny jeans with a cami top and my heeled ankle boots.”

She added: “I love fashion and like to make an effort on my day off from work and university. In fact I probably dress down more for university, I would most likely wear leggings and a tee-shirt and look pretty scruffy.”

Lover of comfortable clothes:

We all know the unspeakable fashion faux pas of wearing your PJs but after a hard week at work, but what’s the harm in being comfortable once in a while and having a lazy day?

Dorrie Watts, 47, a sales coordinator and mum of two, believes after work there’s nothing better than jumping into your pyjamas.

Dorrie said: “I don’t see anything wrong with wearing my comfy clothes when I get a day off, I work and I’m a full time mum so I’m proud to be lazy and give myself a much needed break on that one day off.”

She added: “I would most likely be spotted in either my tartan pyjama set or if I’m feeling a bit more adventurous I’d wear my grey sweatpants and a hoodie.”

As these women have shown there is nothing wrong with wearing what you want. After trying hard all week at work to look the part, on your day off you get a pass to dress up or dress down. Take the pressure off and have that much needed rest.


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