Is The Headscarf Making A Comeback? (Or Did It Never Go Away?)


You may think of them as something your granny or great aunt Greta would wear, ­­­­ but they have been worn by some of the most glamorous women in History, such as iconic actresses Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor.

Today, modern celebrity as Beyonce, Eva Mendes, Vivienne Westwood, the late, great Amy Winehouse and even the Queen rock the look (and hey, if it is good enough for the Queen, it’s good enough for us). It seems the headscarf is marking its return.

They’ve always been one of the most popular accessories throughout history, adored by the free thinking flappers in the boom of the 20s, the hard working land girls in the second world war years of the 40s, the sophisticated, polished, respectable New Look women of the 50s, the rebellious twig-like gogo girls of the swinging 60s, the ‘far out’ peace loving hippies of the 70s and the rock- ‘n’-roll music loving, defiant punk rockers of the 80s.

Today, the adornment is becoming increasingly popular with fashion bloggers and vintage street style photographers, and since film epics from The Great Gatsby, to the glamorous women of TV shows Mad Men and Bomb Girls heavily influencing fashion over the past couple of years, the headscarf micro trend has rocketed in to a sought after accessory.

Perfect for if you are in a rush, if you’re hair is uncontrollable, or just as a revitalisation of style, they really are the most practical, timeless accessories you will ever own. Versatile and cheap, headscarves can be worn by anyone. They can be tied in various ways to tame unruly manes, to accessorise shorter hair or as a fashionable cover-up for those beautiful bald ladies out there as an alternative to a hat. They can universally be worn by women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

What’s more, they fit in with all types of styles from bohemian to vintage retro looks, preppy styles and punk trends. Appropriate for almost any circumstance, providing on the style, they can dress up or down any outfit. Depending on the print and fabric you can easily make a style statement with this season’s biggest trends such as tropical patterns, royal blues, pastels, monochrome prints, graphic prints and florals.

For a vintage look, think under the chin knots (a la Audrey Hepburn), turban styles in silk or satin for a glamorous evening look (Eva Mendes’ dressed down look) or oversized bows and twists for a shabby chic boho or retro look (Amy Winehouse).

You can also take inspiration from designers such as Dolce and Gabanna (Spring Summer 2013) who used headscarves to accessorise their printed festival themed beach wear , Marc Jacobs (Spring Summer 2013) who paired his bold headscarves with edgy summer bright’s and oversized gingham prints, Karen Walker (Spring Summer 2012) who paired her 1940’s housewife style scarves with matching ladylike, vintage, printed tea dresses and blouses, and Luisa Beccaria’s giant, standout bow scarves paired with bohemian, floor length, girly pastel dresses (also Spring 2013).

A fabulous accessory to wear all year round, keeping you stylish through those long hot summer days and keeping you warm on those breezy autumn ones, be bold, be brave, be creative and stand out in one of this year’s biggest fashion hair trends.

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