The infamous Instagram hashtags

Fashion Hashtags

Instagram has changed the way we see, well pretty much everything. The filters make your grease drenched fish and chips look nice, the like button has you liking photos of people you don’t actually like, and of course the infamous hashtags.

We all use them, we all see them but some of them just don’t make sense. If some of those fashion hashtags have you slightly confused, don’t worry you’re not the only one. Here at Fashion North we’ve pilled together a list of fashion hashtags and explained them, because there’s nothing more embarrassing than asking someone what that hashtag means that you’ve been using for the last three months.


Search for it on Instagram and you’re met with 2,032,852 posts, yikes! So it’s probably a hashtag you need to get to grips with. #wiwt is simple – what I wore today. As simple as that, the Instagrammer showing the audience what they wore today.


The hashtag you can’t get away from, everyone’s using it. Search it on Instagram and 37,686,688 posts appear. Similar to #wiwt, #ootd stands for outfit of the day. This hashtag is used when the Instagrammer is showing the audience either what their wearing that day or their favourite outfit of that day (often shown on a clothing hanger or a screen grab from a website etc)


If you’re a fashion blogger or if you want the attention of fashion bloggers use this hashtag. It simply means fashion blogger, easy peasy.


Exactly the same as #fblogger, #bblogger grabs the attention of beauty bloggers or shows the face you’re a beauty blogger.


Similar to that of #ootd, #ootn stand for outfit of the night. Showing Instagrammers what you’re venturing out in on that all important night out.


New to the hashtag world, #fwis stands for from where I stand. Giving Instagrammers a chance to see your view from where you stand. Think legs and shoes, that’s the sort of images you’ll get from #fwis.


Not always used in a fashion term but is always good to use when you find an embarrassing old outfit post. #fbf stands for flashback Friday, give your Instagram followers the chance to see your outfit choices from when you were 15. Oh, remember to post it on a Friday.


Bring #fbf forward a day and you have #tbt otherwise known as throwback Thursday. Show your Instagram followers a peek at little you.


The hashtags you need through fashion month. the FW simply stands for Fashion Week and the letter(s) before the FW stand for the city. #NYFW = New York Fashion Week #LFW = London Fashion Week #MFW = Milan Fashion Week #PFW = Paris Fashion Week

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