5 minutes with Leanne Johnston

Speaking ahead of her catwalk show at the Sun FM Style Awards, held on September 26, Fashion Product and Promotion graduate of the University of Sunderland: Leanne Johnston tells us a little bit more about herself and her collection. We delve into her world of climate change inspired clothing and see what goes on behind her collection Chameleo.

Name: Leanne Johnston

Age: 21

Where are you from? Newcastle (Geordie land!!)

Favourite place to shop in the North East? Vintage Boutiques such as RETRO in Newcastle

What do you think of North East fashion?  Fashion in the North East is individual, many people would rather wear fashion that shows their personality rather than stick to trends.

What’s your best feature? I like my eyes, I love the hazel colour.

Tell us a bit about your collection: Chameleo is my collection I created for my Fashion Market and Promotion degree. It is an interchangeable collection that consists of a basic garment that can be transformed in to many different looks with the assistance of add on pieces.

What were your main influences for your collection? The inspiration for my collection started with me watching a program on the current economic climate. The programme led me to start thinking about how there has been a huge uncontrollable change over the years. Change can be uncontrollable in many different ways, I started to take my design inspiration into uncontrollable changes throughout nature, exploring areas such as weather, animals and state of water. I was really fascinated by the change within in Chameleons, this influenced my collection name and led to me buying one as a pet, called Rio.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Working within womenswear or a textiles design team and enjoying every minute with the fashion industry and the opportunities that it can lead to.

Describe your collection in 3 words: Interchangeable,  creative, timeless

When did you decide you wanted to make fashion your career? I decided from quite a young age that I was interested in fashion. Growing up I always loved drawing and sketching, as i got older I started to enjoy making outfits for my barbies. By 11 I started to sketch figures and design outfits, which has stuck with me ever since.

Something about yourself not many people know: I zip lined across the river Tyne to raise money for the Marie Curie Cancer Care.

4 things you couldn’t live without: Lip Stick, fashion, support from family and friends, my Mac laptop

Name 3 things in your handbag right now: Lipsticks, Prada Purse, hair brush

Your biggest fear: Clowns!

Your favourite holiday location: The one and only IBIZA

Your favourite location: New York Times Square


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