6 hair trends you’ll want to check out in 2017

Instagram and Pinterest are our go-to’s for hair trends this year. Balayage, nude hair and metallics are just some of the hair trends we’re looking forward to this season. Here’s what we’re expecting to see in 2017.

1. Nude hair

Image: All Things Hair

This one’s for blondes. You’ve probably heard of cool or warm tones – but nude hair is all about neutrality. This trend sees hairdressers blend warm and cool blonde shades together to create an all over nude look to create a neutral colour.

Celebs like Cara Delevingne and Amanda Seyfried have been rocking this trend!

2. Platinum hair

Image: USweekly

Platinum blonde has been the in-trend for decades. It’s bright and bold and for all the right reasons! And now there’s so many ways to get the icy look. Ice-queens include Gwen Stefani, Kim K and Rita Ora. With so many products now on the market, it’s possible to have healthier, longer platinum blonde hair, according to balayage king Jack Howard!

3. Statement colours

Image: Getty

Making a statement with your hair is here to stay this year. The Pantone colour of the year is green so that’s a colour definitely on the cards – or brushes this year. Other colours include: sunset orange, grey, pink, rose gold and lilac.

Think Ruby Rose, Bella Hadid and Louisa Johnson.

But you don’t have to have a full statement hair colour, secretly placed colours are just as on trend! You can have a taste of what’s going on without actually fully embracing the trend.

4. Pastels

Image: Pinterest

Pastels were big last year and they are here to stay in 2017. Pinks, blues, greens, purples and of course, rainbow pastels.

5. Metallics

Image: Pinterest

If pastels aren’t your thing, then metallic colours are on trend – they’re being termed the haute-couture of hair trends. This multi-dimensional look comes in bronze, rose gold and silver, among other more “traditional” colours like blue, green and grey. It’s all about adding shine too – to add to the metal look.

6. Balayage

Free-hand colour is part of the mainstream – and it’s taking balayage with it. Balayage is a trend for every hair colour, not just blondes! The colouring technique involves sweeping or “painting” sections of hair lightly with colour to give a two-tonal look. Jennifer Lawrence, Chrissy Teigen and Suki Waterhouse.

This trend certainly isn’t dead – and won’t be for a long time.

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