4 top tips to spring clean your make-up brushes

Cleaning your make-up brushes can be such a chore, but we all agree that it just has to be done! Here are our top tips on how to give your make-up brushes a spring clean.

1. Use a brush cleaner

You can buy specialist make-up brush cleaner and cleansers from stores such as Boots and Superdrug. Make-up brush cleaners are the quick and practical way to clean your brushes after each use, ensuring there is no make-up build up and keeping them nice and fresh ready for your make-up routine the next day. Real Techniques have both a brush cleansing gel and palette for brush cleaning, which is a quick and easy option.

2. Using baby shampoo

Baby shampoo is another way to clean brushes if there is more of a make-up build up. By running the brushes under lukewarm water, it washes off the remaining make-up before giving them a deep clean with shampoo. Create a lather with the baby shampoo and repeat until water runs clear from your make-up brushes.

3. You can also use hand wash

Blogger Zoella has wrote about using Dove hand wash to clean her make-up brushes. Claiming that it leaves her make-up brushes feeling clean and soft with the anti-bacterial elements. This can be used exactly the same as the baby shampoo.

4. Olive oil and washing up liquid

Yep, we can’t believe it either! According to popsugar.co.uk, olive oil combined with washing up liquid can clean your make-up brushes. This is a cheap way of maintaining cleanliness without the price tag of a professional cleaner. Simply mix two parts of antibacterial washing up liquid with one part olive oil, and dip the brush into the mixture after running it under lukewarm water. Work the mixture into the bristles and rinse until the water runs clear!



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