5 YouTubers You Should Be Watching

YouTubers are taking the world by storm with their free fashion tips, beauty tutorials, outfit inspiration for every occasion and crazy DIY’s such as the ‘soap brows’. Here are just a few you should be watching:

Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn has almost 4 million subscribers on her channel that live by every beauty tip she gives and buy every collaboration she creates. Her most recent being with Becca Cosmetics creating a whole collection of highlighters and palettes. Her witty and crazy humour keeps viewers hooked, not to mention the tutorials that are posted on a regular basis. Jaclyn is one of the biggest names in the Youtube industry and if you aren’t watching her you need to get on it quick!

Amber Scholl

Amber’s channel is filled with easy fashion DIY’s to keep us girls on trend whilst not breaking the bank. In her world all you need is E6000 glue and some rhinestones to recreate any of your favourite designer pieces. Your whole life will be filled with tips and tricks from how to shop in TK MAXX getting the best for your money and how to find your own personal style. But it’s not just fashion, you can revamp your entire apartment through her DIY Marble Flooring and faux fur chairs. If you need anything make sure to check out her channel first because no doubt you will be able to DIY it.

Kelsey Simone

 If you are aesthetic-aholic then Kelsey’s channel is for you. Her black, white and nude colour theme is to die for and we can’t forget the marble. It is every bloggers dream! Her channel is exploding with simple makeup tutorials for glowing, healthy looking skin and on trend look books. Struggling to keep up with the trends? Don’t worry because Kelsey’s channel is filled with easy to recreate outfits that will suit everyone.

Carli Bybel

Carli’s makeup tutorials are easy to follow and often use affordable products including her own eyeshadow and highlight palette collaboration with BH Cosmetics. Her life is glamorous and her wardrobe will make everybody jealous. If you ever need outfit inspiration her Instagram page really is a must to follow, as the name states – it is the Fashion Bible (@thefashionbybel)!

Us The Duo

Even though they have nothing to do with fashion I couldn’t resist adding these two in. This musical couple, Michael and Carissa Alvarado, write their own songs which are incredible and my favourite part of their channel is when they compile the top hits of the year into 3 minutes of inspiration. Their song ‘No Matter Where You Are’ was the theme song to FOX’s 2014 The Book Of Life and they also were the entertainment at their own wedding which melted the hearts of all of their viewers when it was shared on their channel. If you do one thing with your day it should be to listen to one of their songs because I can guarantee it will blow you away.

Happy subscribing!

Words by Megan Hagel


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