American Apparel joins forces with a trio of Drag Race queens

For years gay culture has been slowly making its way into our lives with Will & Grace, Looking, and RuPauls Drag Race season 1-6 now available on Netflix. The stars of the latter have become celebrities in their own right. With contestants like Chad Michaels continuing with her Cher tribute act and Bianca Del Rio becoming even bigger on the comedy scene. Now three of the stars of season four, five and six have joined forces for a trio of T-shirts with American Apparel.

Willam, Alaska 5000 and Courtney Act have created alongside American Apparel three graphic printed T-shirts capturing each queen’s signature look.

Alaska 5000, a contest on season five of Drag Race, has possibly the strongest aesthetic of the three. Portraying an alien from the planet Glamtr0n of an ageless species, arriving on earth in 1972 and residing here ever since. She is a recording artist and has worked with Ana Matronic from the Scissor Sisters, and fellow drag artist Adore Delano on her latest track.

Courtney Act rose to fame on Australian Idol as a semi-finalist and is the more feminine of trio. She moved to America just months before appearing on the latest season of Drag Race where she became a finalist.

Willam was a YouTube sensation before appearing on season four. She is not just a drag superstar, but also an actor, which were reminded of constantly on the show. Once part of the trio DVW with Detox and Vicky Vox (who created parody videos/songs), which helped in making her a household name. Willam is the cruder and most crass of the American Apparel campaign stars.

The T-shirts are available on the American part of the site but they do offer free shipping on orders of $50.

If you want to see Alaska in person then she is at Shade in Newcastle on Monday 3 November 9pm-4am, tickets are still available.


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