Beauty blogger, Sandra Tang, reveals advice on winter skincare products


When it comes to winter time, we all should not only care about glitters and festive make up, but about our smooth and healthy skin too.

North East fashion and beauty blogger Sandra Tang (Chicest) knows that when the winter is coming in, the daily winter skincare has to up its game: “I use Aveeno Body moisturiser twice a day to avoid dry skin. For cold nights, I get the pamper on, with some moisturising face masks. I’m loving the Korean ones out at the moment and get these from Glamour Flare, a great online beauty and skincare site or Mask House in Newcastle.

“My advice is to make sure you moisturise and protect skin as much as possible. If you to chapped lips in the winter months, as I am, using skin and lip care products is very important. I’m trying out the Murad skin and lip care product from their new branch at intu Metro Centre.”

Sandra Tang’s top 5 beauty products she couldn’t survive winter without:

1. Total Drama Clean by Soap & Glory, for all that heavy duty and glittery Christmas make-up.
2. Origins Salt scrub, great for exfoliation and keeping your skin super smooth this winter.
3. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery serum, hydrates your skin no end.
4. Korean style face masks – it’s like a big moisture boost for your face, fantastic on a cold night in.
5. Magic Foundation by Charlotte Tilbury, the perfect foundation for a night on the town.




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