Beauty Trend: Short Hair Don’t Care

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BEFORE                                                                                                                               AFTER

I sat nervously in my hair dressers, thinking this is possibly the craziest thing I have ever done to my hair. Yes, I was making that dramatic change from glorious long locks to a short and thick do.

Hopping on the trend I decided to channel my inner Kate Middleton and Emma Watson jumping on the short hair band wagon to spice up my look like many other celebrities this festive season.

Not only was my hair getting a good chop, I decided to get blonde highlights. Many people who know me know that I have NEVER died my hair before, so panic was starting to set in as she applied the golden blonde die to my natural brown hair.

I kept asking myself; “Why am I doing this?” Well other than my hair being dead, apparently this new look that everyone is raving about is suppose to give new shape to your face and fix any sharp angles (like my pointy chin)!

After the die was applied and washed, the dreaded moment had come where she had the scissors in her hands asking me how much I want taking off. Every part of me was screaming don’t do it! But I knew it was time for a change, seen as I have had the same look since I was fourteen.

I told her shoulder length would be fine, but like always when you go to the hair dressers it’s always cut way shorter than you ever expect, and your heart sinks.

Now, I had to deal with a new colour and my hair was way shorter than I ever wished, I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry at my mistake; especially as my new do cost £87 and as a student that killed my bank.

After all of that, I thought; what is so special about this new look? I certainly don’t look as good as Carrie Underwood, I couldn’t sit at home and cry about it, after all what could I possibly do about the situation now? There’s no such thing as overnight miracle hair growth.

My complexion had changed, and so had my entire look. Being so used to being dark, red, purple lipsticks were something I was known for wearing and now with my lighter shade and shorter look, I had to say bye to my favourite lipsticks and embrace in something new.

I pulled my self together got out my nude and pink lipsticks, styled my hair my self and added volume to my hair. It was safe to say I felt so much better about my self.

My new look made me look so much different but I looked fresh, no more split ends and having my hair constantly in my face.  My eyes look bigger and brighter, my hair is naturally thicker and healthier, and it doesn’t take hours to dry which is always a bonus.

After feeling a roller coaster of emotions, trying this look out was for the better, getting compliments about my new look made me embrace it even more and I eventually started to like the change.

Maybe eventually I will stray back to my old ways but for now a change is something that was much needed and it’s defiantly a trend to embrace if your looking to spice up your look.


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