Beyoncé launches active wear with Topshop


Our very own ‘Queen B’ is set to release a debut active wear collaboration with Topshop which is set to launch in April 2016. 

We haven’t seen or heard from her in what feels like forever, but it all makes sense why she’s been hiding away designing an entire collection for Topshop.

Joining the likes of Kate Moss, Kendal and Kylie Jenner and Adidas, this is said to be the biggest collaboration of 2016.

When the collection is released, 20 countries will stock the line, proving it is going to be extremely hard to get our hands on any of it, we can all dream though!

Already being an iconic style icon, the singer is about to reach a whole new fan base by designing clothing, footwear and accessories for regular gym obsessed and sports enthusiasts.

A statement in Vogue has said that: “Philip Green intends on hiring a completely separate team to run the active wear label.”

We cannot wait to see what she does with it and we won’t have to wait very long for the release either. Make sure to get April 2016 written down in your diary, although there hasn’t been a particular date released yet, knowing that it’s only five short months away is good enough for us!

If you’re as excited as us, tweet us what you’d like to see in her collection at @Fashion_North



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