Black Friday 411: The fight to be the best

Sales, even the word excites you. Knowing that you’re getting a bargain is a thrill in itself.

Black Friday an American tradition which started to appear in the UK on 2010 with online websites such as Amazon slashing prices. High-street retailers saw the demand on Black Friday online and introduced it in-store on 2012 in, Currys and PC World. Each year, more and more businesses are jumping onto the bandwagon to slash prices and generate more sales on this day.

But is Black Friday all that it’s cracked up-to be? Many brands offer discounts through out the year, so offering a extra 10% more on Black Friday seems to make shoppers go into overdrive. But, why? Is it the fear that sequin dress you’ve had your eye on is selling out faster than when we thought there would be a shortage on Prosecco?

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The trend that seemed to make the nation rush to supermarkets at midnight to grab plasma TV’s and game consoles has seemed to went back to its roots by offering big discounts online, making shopping stress-free and more accessible for everyone. A poll which Fashion North conducted on Twitter showed us that a huge 77% of you will be online shopping from home today.

Online sites such as InTheStyle are offering 40 per cent, Missguided and Boohoo are both offering 50 per cent and La Moda is offering a staggering up to 70 per cent off on accessories. Brands are pulling out all the stops to make sure Christmas shoppers are coming to only their site for their festive wardrobe.

With so much competition it can be hard as a customer to navigate through the Internet to get what you want at the best price. Fashion North’s three top tips for coming out on top of Black Friday are,

  1. Write a list of what you need or really want to update your wardrobe for the season ahead so when you see things you need you can steer clear and be a savvy shopper getting exactly what you need!
  2. Read reviews for everything that your buy, so you know if that risky low cut dress is acceptable for all upcoming Christmas festivities.
  3. Bottom line is don’t be pressured into buying things you don’t need, it sounds obvious but it can be way too easy when brands are offering 50% for one day only!

Remember, if you cannot find anything that catches your eye today, the popular ‘Cyber Monday’ starts on 28th of November, which is exclusively online and usually is only a 24-hour affair. It is expected there will be similar deals to black Friday. Keep up-to-date with your emails and Fashion North to make sure you grab the best buys!




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