Celebrating 35 years, Sunderland’s Designer Childrenswear store gets another award!

Designer Childrenwear has made their 35th anniversary very special by winning their second Drapers award two months ago.

First opened in 1984 by local married couple Brenda and Kevin Coade, the business was small yet unique as it was Sunderland’s first childrenswear store. After years of growing bigger and shipping to over 120 countries worldwide online, Designer Childrenswear has won seven awards and counting including the winner of the UK Retailer of the Year 2016 and Best Customer Service awards at the UK Style & Retail Awards 2016.

Selling the finest designer clothes and shoes for children aged from 0-16, the business has grown immensely over the years including the staff, of which there are currently 45 individuals employed.

Designer Childrenswear has not only the store itself, but has a warehouse and a team which caters for the online element of the business at the Sunderland’s Software Centre.

Not concerned about high-street stores in the fall, Brenda Coade, Managing Director, explains how Designer Childrenswear offers not only a luxury experience when in store, but shows how their business thrives both online and across the world.

“We have to be aware of our customer’s needs as many people who buy from us are from different parts of the world, so we want to suit the needs of customers from different cultures as these buyers will not be the ones visiting the store.”



Brands which are sold within the store and online include Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Gucci, Moncler, Armani, Hugo Boss, Burberry, Fendi, CP Company and Givenchy. Although there are many more, these are deemed the most popular for young children and early teens.

Photography is very important to the business, as Brenda explained the process of how “each item of clothing has to be presented perfectly for the image which will be published on [their] website”. This takes a full photography team to make each picture right!

Plus, not only does Children Designer store in Sunderland attract the younger generation, but also certain designer brands which the store sells attract small grown-ups, as the sizing can adjust.

They have similar plans for the future and Brenda told us how Designer Childrenswear will keep thriving at their business and store to make the best possible experience for the customers.

Pop into the store on Derwent Street, Sunderland, and help our local children Designer clothes shop grow!




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