Christmas is more than kisses, couples and corny insta captions

There’s no doubt that the cold, festive season is designed for love and affection. There’s no shortage of Christmas date inspiration and films all about falling in love to the soundtrack of Micheal Bubble. But that doesn’t mean the holiday season is only enjoyable with the love of your life or when in a couple. Christmas can and should be just as fun for single people.

As much fun as cuddling by a fire watching The Grinch may be, there is just as much joy in spending the festive period ‘alone’. There’s no stress over what to buy your partner’s parents, no arguments over Christmas dinner, or disappointment when you find yourselves unable to see each other for a week due to back-to-back engagements with your respective families. In fact, up until the pandemic, Christmas was probably the biggest test of a relationship.

Christmas as a couple is not always this picturesque. Image from Alamy

All these stresses are not comparable to the endless questions about your love life from overbearing Aunts or Grannies who just desperately want to see you settled and preface the question with an anecdote about how they were married by your age.

“Celebrate your singledom this Christmas as you wake up when you’re ready, open the perfect Christmas gift you bought yourself, visit a couple of different people on the day because you don’t have to answer to anyone else and then crash on boxing day with your favourite box set, no sharing the remote having done Christmas your way,” says TJ Gibbs, a love coach.

But nights in with friends, parties and taking your little brother to see Christmas lights will make the festive season just as magical as if you did all this with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

The season is all about love, but that doesn’t have to be romantic love. Take the festivities to appreciate all the love in your life, as well as the love you have for yourself. Plan a Christmas cocktail night with your mates, dress up as Santa and go out for drinks, and take your grandad for a carvery, just enjoy the season without putting pressure on yourself to be in a relationship.

We all need so extra self-confidence around Christmas, how will you be taking time for your self this festive season? Let us know and tag us in your pictures @Fashion_North on Instagram.


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