Classic Metallic

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My theme consisted of two music genres: Classical and Metal. When I was younger I attended the famous Sage Gateshead Weekend School and became a semi-professional classically trained musician in Clarinet, Saxophone and Piano but since I have gotten older, my taste in music has changed to the total opposite of classical music. I listen to a variety of alternative and metal music and to bring these two styles together is really unique.

Classical music is not very popular where as metal music is starting to creep its way up, I really like the layout of the photoshoot. Especially the silver/black vibes from the accessories and the music manuscript.

I went for metallic silver accessories that are current with the recently popular grunge trend and black and silver nail polish spilt over music. I added the zipped heel boots as these contrast against the leather of the Clarinet case and the silver zips contrast against the keys of the Clarinet making it a Classic Metallic.

Styling by: Louise Barber

Nose Ring £2: Primark

Earrings £2: Primark

Boots £17: Primark

Eyeshadow Crease Brush £4.99: H&M

Black  Nail Varnish £3.99: Maybelline

Silver Glitter Nail Varnish £15: Nails Inc

Pencil Eyeliner £2.99: Rimmel

LipLiner £1: Primark,cosmetics

Grey Lipstick £5.50: NYX 

Black Lipstick £4.99: Barry M


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