Daisy Chain- Styling second-hand

Shopping second-hand isn’t always everyone’s first choice, however, with the challenge of creating a 9 am- 9 pm look, we found some gems at the Daisy Chain Megastore in Team Valley.


The base of my outfit was a classy plisse black dress and a pair of faux leather boots with a small heel.

For my day look I opted for a long trench coat and a zebra print scarf to layer over the dress for warmth as well as style. The texture and pattern of the scarf adds a feminine touch to the outfit, contrasting with the boxy trench jacket.

This outfit would work well for a day at work or university, especially if paired with some black tights.

The addition of a medium-sized bag that would fit a laptop or books was also essential for the look.


Transitioning into a 9 pm outfit is super easy, just by removing your jacket, you have a completely different look.

I chose to attach the scarf around the bag to give a more free and reckless look to the outfit.

Simply throw the bag over your shoulder and your arms are free to dance the night away in your LBD.

All clothing pieces thrifted from Daisy Chain


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Let us know how you’d style a 9 am-9 pm outfit on Instagram @fashion_north


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