Deconstructing the beauty ideal as a trans individual

Polish-born and Yorkshire-raised cosmetic science transgender student Sebrina Fatz has big plans on switching up the beauty industry. In an up-close and personal interview with Fashion North, she tells us about the in’s and out’s of the beauty industry from an LGBTQ perspective and shares the making of her upcoming skincare brand. 

Sebrina Fatz recalls a point in her life when she was browsing through YouTube at the age of 15 and discovering how the beauty and skincare industry was huge. All while figuring out how to get rid of her acne after she just hit puberty.

“My acne was spreading from my forehead to my cheeks, and with much research for products on what works and doesn’t work for me, this was the motivation that led me to my passion for the beauty and skincare industry. 

“Throughout my research, I also found out more about a cosmetic science degree and straight enough applied for it after high school. Along the way, I also realised that I wanted to make it my main mission to help people feel beautiful in their own skin, which was something that I didn’t have growing up.”

( A picture of sebrina in her lab coat for her cosmetic science course)

​​Sebrina Fatz, 20 from Thirsk, North Yorkshire is currently a transgender third-year polish cosmetic science degree student at the University of Sunderland with big dreams of changing the views of the flawed beauty and skincare industry. “My main influence growing up was beauty influencers such as Jeffree Star, Patrick Starr and Tati Westbrooke, however maturing is also realising that the beauty industry is toxic and holds up to higher standards.” 

“The beauty industry is flawed in its fundamentals, it’s all about if you don’t have this product, you need to buy this product now and it incites the fear of missing out for some people which I really do not like.

“Personally, I think the fashion, skincare and cosmetic industry should all be about loving and accepting yourself, and also understanding that taking care of yourself comes first, once that positive cycle is achieved, you’ll feel so much better.” 

Sebrina also touches upon social media and how peer pressure adds up to its toxicity to be someone that you’re not through a screen. “In reality, there’s no such thing as someone having 100% clear skin. I was once also caught in the trap of editing my photos to remove any infection, but now I just tend to leave it raw because it’s more welcoming and realistic.”

When asked about what she would do to make a difference, Sebrina says that she’s currently in the works of making her own skincare brand.

( Sebrina posing with her skincare products for her social media)

When asked about what she would do to make a difference, Sebrina says that she’s currently in the works of making her own skincare brand. 

“When I’m done with my brand, instead of asking customers ‘do you want to be prettier?’, I’ll say ‘you’re already beautiful, and these products would just help you feel more beautiful.”

Sebrina also understands the struggle of some trans people in the industry feeling left out “Growing up trans, there was always a part of me that felt that I had to change my appearance and that’s why this upcoming brand, it’s going to be catered especially to the LGBTQ community as a reminder that you’re already beautiful as you are.”

She also some truth about certain trans influencers who had to change themselves to uphold a certain standard in order to be part of the beauty industry. 

( Sebrina proud to be trans with the pride flag on her cheeks)

“Nikita Dragun was one of those influencers, I’m genuinely happy for her if she’s happy but I don’t agree with her methods of pushing others to change instead of encouraging themselves to be their better selves.”

“For me, I think that’s not right. You don’t have to change yourself just to be accepted and included in the beauty industry are already beautiful just the way you are especially as a trans person”  

Coming out and growing up trans for Sebrina was never easy too, but luckily she always looked on the brighter side of things and documented her journey as a reminder to be strong. 

( Sebrina and her sister when they were younger)

“I came out when I was 18-years-old, it was not easy but I could never imagine myself being a man growing up. My parents and sister on the other hand always saw it coming. They didn’t react to it but they were definitely shocked. 

“I would like to think they accepted it but choose not to talk about it because it is quite a taboo topic to discuss in a Polish household. That’s why I decided to make Seblog, as a personal journey to look back at my transition and how far I’ve come as an individual and to also educate others on a trans journey.”

( Sebrina’s blog, Seblog)

With 2022 right around the corner, Sebrina continues to plan to grow up to be the best version of herself as she believes that she’s unique and plans to continue working on her upcoming skincare brand. 

“2021 has taught me self love and to take care of my mental health. I was so far behind on updating my other side projects like my blogs and YouTube this year but now, I have big plans on diving into that in 2022 and becoming Sebrina Fatz again.

(Sebrina at her best self and ready to tackle 2020)

“I’m also going to start working on my brand and formulating natural products from now on. Hopefully, in a year’s time, it will be launched too. All in all, I also plan to focus on growing into the best version of myself and I would strongly advise doing the same because once you do, the possibilities are endless.”


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