Do You Feel BLUE Too?



Do you remember your 10th birthday party or your primary school disco? I bet there is still one major thing that stands out along with what you were wearing and this is the case for most other women. Your hideously brilliant make up; the kind that is so bad it could even be classed as ‘alternative.’ It always came in a sparkly case and it was a dreadful quality, but who didn’t love it, and who didn’t have it?

My favourite ever make up disaster of all time was the bright 90’s blue eyeshadow. That little pot of powdery sky blue substance that weaved its way into your hair and streamed its way across your face like a cartoon tear because let’s face it, who could really blend eye make- up at 10 years old? Now, it’s just a faded turquoise memory smudged into your bedroom carpet that you attempt to hide with bedside tables and chest of drawers.

I do have the good news now though; I’m not just here to depress you about your glittery childhood. This season, blue is back; and not only back, it’s brighter, better and more vibrant than ever. MAC being the leader of course with their crazy retro feels for SS16 this LFW, not only are they ‘blueing up’ their models in Gareth Pugh’s studio, they’re also selling pretty much every shade of blue you can think of at their counters and stores all for you to try – not saying I want to re-live my school disco but definitely saying I would risk marking my new carpet to try them out. So mix them with a red lipstick and get the exact look you chose for your 10th birthday party, but this time it’s cool.

Hair chalks are really in this season; even some of the LFW models are giving it a try and of course the queen’s of colour Bleach London. Urban Outfitters do a great range of hair chalks for just £10!

Hair Chalk

Blue mascara is a major MAC SS16 item, pictured on their Instagram and on the models at LWF. There are lots of places to get it from if you don’t feel like a splurge like Max Factor for just £3.89! Or if you feel like investing YSL also have a coloured mascara range!



Nail varnishes never go out of style and Topshop are definitely a store to visit if you enjoy choosing from 1000 different shades of blue and only £6 a pot! Opi nail varnishes are also just as vibrant! Splashing out and investing in some bright blue nails is always an option with Nars’ range!

Nail Varnish


Now that blue eyeshadow is back in trend there are so many brands that are following this vibrant style! Including MAC £8, and Mabelline £4.99 and some designer brands as well as high street such as Dior £42.



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