Don’t do a Kim Kardashian: expert tips on removing makeup at the end of the day

When Fashion North learned that Kim Kardashian often doesn’t take her makeup off before going to sleep, we couldn’t believe it.

The beauty and fashion icon had everyone shocked and had us thinking ‘is it really ok to sleep with a full face on?’ So we’ve consulted with local MUAs to get the lowdown and tips on makeup removal.

Not only did Kim announce this major broken beauty rule, but she told the presenter of Busy Tonight she sometimes tries to “salvage it for two days.”


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We’re baffled as to how her face can look so blemish free.

Mya Sky Matthews, 16, a makeup artist who is based in Whitley Bay and Newcastle said: “Personally, I never used to take my makeup off before bed as I never used to see the problem with it – besides leaving my pillow a mess.

“I used to suffer from horrendous acne. Now, I realise how heavy it was for my skin at the time and that the best thing is to let your skin breathe when you get the chance.

“In the past year or so, I started to use warm water to wash my face every night before bed and I saw a drastic difference in my skin. I had stopped getting so many breakouts but still had a few.

“Recently, I started to use the Garnier skin Active Micellar Water. It works like a miracle. Finally, after years of covering my acne with heavy full coverage concealers and foundations, I can get away with a light B.B cream. I am confident with my skin now – for a teenage girl. The Garnier Micellar Water is definitely a must have.”


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You can find the micellar water that Mya recommends at Superdrug for £4.99. They come in a variety of versions depending on your skin type.

Carly Michelle, is a former MAC Cosmetics Artist turned professional makeup artist and hair styling guru at Carly Michelle Makeup and Hair based in Newcastle.  Carly said: “The key is knowing your own skin. For me personally, I know my skin is very tolerant. It takes a lot to upset its balance so a night here or there sleeping in makeup wouldn’t have too much of a negative effect.

“I prefer to always remove my makeup so that I feel clean and fresh before bed. I also rub my eyes in my sleep so I like to make sure I have no makeup on. For my clients, I trust them to know what’s best for their skin. I know I can create a great look for them; it’s up to them how they remove the look.

“My favourite way to remove makeup is a basic combination of Simple face wipes, a hot water flannel and a good night cream – my favourite is Lacura anti age night cream from Aldi – £4 ish.”

You can find Simple makeup wipes at most supermarkets and drugstores. You can find a 25 pack in ASDA for £2.75.

You can get the Lacura night cream that Carly suggests from Aldi for £3.49.

What do you use to take your makeup off? Do you sleep with it on? Tweet to us at @Fashion_North.


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