Don’t look like a Christmas pudding on Christmas Day

We all know the struggle, waking up on Christmas day to stacks of presents full of clothes you’re itching to wear, having a catwalk show in your room and finally settling on the perfect outfit. That is, until you have that fifth pig in blanket at Christmas dinner and you realise those skinny jeans were a mistake and then the shame of having to undo the button and release that muffin top!

A family favourite and festive treat, the beloved Christmas jumper has to make an appearance at some point during festivities, and if you go for an over-sized look you definitely won’t feel the strain when stuffing your face with, well, stuffing!

If you like to get a little more dressed up for the big day, you can still get out your new party dress, just make sure it’s not skin tight so there’s room for that turkey!

Here at Fashion North we are going to help you solve that problem with our top picks to keep you comfortable and hide that post-Christmas dinner food baby, all while staying as stylish as possible.

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Which ever festive favourite you pick this Christmas, we’re sure you’ll look fab!

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