Fashion’s continuous love affair with anime

Gucci’s latest release features iconic ‘one piece’ pirates, Luffy and Zoro, in a manga style look book, as anime’s diversion into the fashion world steadily progresses.

Showcasing the ‘Fake/Not’ Briefcase

Luffy styling the monogram Gucci backpack.

Eiichiro Oda was hired by Gucci in order to create cover artwork for the brand’s Autumn Winter 2020 collection using his specific manga style.  The following collaboration resulted in some stunning artwork, showcasing Gucci’s best pieces from their ‘fake/not’ collection all modelled by famous characters Monkey D. Luffy & Roronoa Zoro.

One piece Kappa Hoodie/Tees


The adventurous pirates are well on their way to becoming fashion icons, as they recently featured centrefold among a second collaboration with Kappa blending their iconography with Kappa’s layered sportswear styles. The release consists of a several sets of hoodies in an array of colours each with an image of Luffy wearing the classic Kappa tracksuit and his signature straw hat. Aside from the hoodies there are tee’s, pants and even a dress all featuring ‘one piece’ graphics and classic kappa designs.

All 7 available watches

Gaara unique 5 sports watch.

As well as clothes, Seiko has just unveiled their upcoming collection of watches headlining the anime shows ‘Naruto’ and ‘Boruto’. The seven upcoming watches are each designed to represent a specific character, these are; Naruto, Boruto, Sasuke, Rock Lee, Gaara, Shikimaru, and Sarada.  Each watch consists of engraved features representing the characters outfits and personalities, a respective colour scheme and water-resistant face, all on the unique five silhouettes.


With the resurgence in popularity of Anime/Manga in western culture, or more so the steady decrease of embarrassment felt by admitting you actually watch it, you can now drape yourself in anime-referenced clothes while still being ‘dressed for the runway’.  That’s right, it’s now not only cool, but fashionable too to like anime in 2020,  if you really want to branch out check out some other anime/fashion collaborations such as the Bape & Dragonball Z capsule collection from June 2019.

Bape x DragonBall Z Black tee


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